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Fight for Time with God

As a mom with 2 young kids (and a third on the way!), it’s been difficult to set a good pattern of having time alone with God.

I personally find it difficult to focus on Bible reading and prayer in the evenings, so I always strive for the mornings. There have been periods where staying connected was doable, and there have been periods where it seemed impossible!

Accountability helps! For a time, a friend and I would text each other early in the morning as a reminder to quit hitting snooze and get up already. That definitely helped me to quit laying in bed as long as I wanted to (which would be forever).

We started with 6:30am, I think. A reasonable time, I thought! Plenty of time to get ready and have time with my Lord before the kids get up. (This was before public school :))

My daughter, who was 2 at the time, would somehow smell in the air that I was up, and there she’d be, climbing into my lap.

Sigh, I’d think. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Well 6:30 was then her new wake up time! I tried to read, but it was distracting.

So my friend and I went for 6am. We’re good rule followers, you see. 6:30 didn’t work? OK, 6 it is!

Ahem. Guess who still somehow figured out I was up and therefore so was she? Yes, indeed.

These days, my pattern of getting up is not an issue – public school calls, and thus, so does 6am.

And since this rule follower cannot fathom being late, I’m up right on time. So, I do usually get to start on some Bible reading/journaling before my kids are up, but day after day, this time is not my own.

But this time is already not mine. It’s His. It’s for me, but it’s devoted to Him. And He’s given me these two, almost three, gifts to join me in the mornings. All I can do is be faithful with what He’s called me to and keep fighting for that time with Him.

But this interruption is not perfect in my mind, so I just want to throw in the towel instead!

Sigh – well I tried God! I tried to listen and hear and read and pray, but these babes interrupted and now I can’t think! Why even try?!

This is what I’m tempted to think.

Then, not too long ago, I was reading in Mark and realized Jesus was constantly interrupted during his time with the Father.

Then Jesus got up early in the morning when it was still very dark, departed, and went out to a deserted place, and there he spent time in prayer. Simon and his companions searched for him. When they found him, they said, “Everyone is looking for you.” (Mark 1:35-37, NET)

That’s what I feel like sometimes – everyone is looking for me so they can be fed or warmed or dressed or cuddled or talked to!

I’m pretty sure Jesus had quite a better devotional life than I do, and I’m quite sure people were looking for him for different reasons than they are looking for me. 😉 But reading that comforted me in this issue like nothing before.

It challenged me to stay connected to the vine. To fight for that time and that relationship! To not give up.

So whether you fight your alarm clock or kids or just your own wants in the morning, join me in fighting for that deserted place with God, would you? Let’s get up when we can, spend time with the Lord until that interruption comes, and accept grace for the gap between what we thought it should be and what it was.

Rule Followers v. Faith

I’m a rule follower, friends. I just like rules and think they make things work well. That doesn’t make following rules I don’t like easier for me (maybe?); it just means that I would rather have the rule.

But it’s not that great of a thing. You see, rule followers are judgers. For me, rule following is a judgment on myself. If I have rules, I can tell how I’m measuring up. There is the temptation to judge others.

But God is not about rules and commands. He’s about His glory. And His glory best manifests itself in the grace He gives to us unholy beings.

I’ve been studying some scriptures on giving and unity because our church is entering a season of fundraising for land. And I’ve realized that if God came and gave me a vocal directive for how much to give over and above our tithe to this campaign, I would just do it. I would trust Him and obey because I know what He commands is good and perfect.

But His glory is magnified by faith! It’s not magnified by robots.

And so He provides leading in His Word. He provides parables that challenge my comfort. But He doesn’t give me a rule.

That’s where the faith comes in.

I have to listen to Him daily. I have to look at His Word. I have to ask questions of my budget. Most of all, I have to be connected to Him to take a step of faith.

My Favorite New LeapFrog Toy

LeapFrog sent me some new toys and games from their Fall collection to review. I have to tell you about my favorite one, the Number Lovin’ Oven.

The toy is smart, guessing at which food items are being placed in the oven. The controls are perfect for my children to touch and move, and everything . . . → Read More: My Favorite New LeapFrog Toy

LeapPad Platinum and Imagicard Review

The LeapPad Platinum is another in a great series of kids’ tablets. This device appears much more sleek and slender, and the software is more stable than the LeapPad Ultra.

One of my favorite things about LeapPad tablets is the LeapSearch web browser. Only kid-friendly videos are added to the browser, so you know . . . → Read More: LeapPad Platinum and Imagicard Review

Faith Diary

You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did. James 2:22, ESV

Put my faith to work! But not only that, increase my faith so that it can manifest more.

Push my dependence on you over the edge. Could my actions be zealous . . . → Read More: Faith Diary

Sock Diary AKA The Difference Between Men and Women

I have these socks from REI that are 10 years old.

They were $10 for ONE PAIR, but they lasted 10 YEARS so… I think that’s a great ROI.

Where they used to keep my feet warm AND I could wear them with my riding boots, now when I wear them, my . . . → Read More: Sock Diary AKA The Difference Between Men and Women

DIY Built-Ins by non-Pros


We’re a little crazy. You see, we have no carpentry experience whatsoever, but in an effort to stay in our smallish house while tiny people keep growing, we have been looking for ways to use our space better. We had some wasted space on each side of our fireplace that just beckoned for some built-ins . . . → Read More: DIY Built-Ins by non-Pros

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I Struggle with God’s Love – “Word” focus 2015

For the last few years,  I’ve chosen to focus on a word.  For a year.

And not just any word.  Not just a positive-vibe word,  but a word that God is challenging me with. 

For 2014, the word was contentment.  Ha. Haha. Hahahahahhahahha. … This is what I say after experiencing one of . . . → Read More: I Struggle with God’s Love – “Word” focus 2015

How Much Money Did We Lose in Our Adoption?

I’m a big fan of full disclosure.  In fact,  I might be honest to a fault (maybe because I fear judgment from man instead of trusting God knows me? Anyway,  that’s for another post.)

Because you are a faithful pray-er and contributor to our adoption, I want you to know: how much money did we . . . → Read More: How Much Money Did We Lose in Our Adoption?

Christmas Gift from the Kids – Free!


Need a fun and easy Christmas gift for the grandparents? Here ya go!

This is what we made this year (no peeking Grandma and Naunie!): Kiddo Snowmen!

I love how easy and cute this craft is. We simply dug out supplies we had: scrapbook paper, ribbon, pom poms, glitter, foam – you can use . . . → Read More: Christmas Gift from the Kids – Free!

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