We Have a Child Match! Time to Send a Stack of Papers

We’re so excited to announce that we’re matched with a child in the DRC!!! We will call him Z. We will not be posting any photos online or using his real name to ensure the integrity of our case. But if you see us in person, we’d be happy to share!

From this point:

- we send a big stack of papers over to the DRC via our agency. Pray for us to finish this week. The few we have remaining are confusing and stressful to fill out.

- an investigation is being done to get all of Z’s necessary paperwork and background checks. Then, our lawyer there will be applying for a court date.

- after we pass court (hopefully!), the US embassy will hold the case for 3-6 more months and do their own investigation.

- then I think we go get him and bring him home (we’re unsure but hoping for about a year from now)!

Upcoming Needs:

- we’re still working toward our donation goal. We have to send all of our saved funds with our dossier, which will  be very soon. To donate to our fund, you can click this link, read our story, and hit the green button on the right. Thank you!

- we are collecting items for a garage sale slated for March 29. So many friends have come through, and we’re selling some of the bigger items on craigslist.

- on the day of the sale, we need helpers! We could use about 10 people who are ready to serve. We will start around 7am and hope to close up between 1 and 3.

Thank you so much for supporting us, encouraging us, praying for us, giving money, bringing over your old couch, and just being there if we need to tell you all of the details!

We Don’t Need to Add to the Suffering of Sin

The consequences of sin are many.

So why do we feel the need to make them worse?

When someone hurts us, we change who are. Despondent. Unconnected. Unwilling to move on. Or maybe we’re loud; verbal abusers. We want to hurt them like they hurt us.

Once we’ve decided to forget (instead of truly forgive), we hold onto that hurt. Just in case we need to use it again later.

I found this interesting this week: Paul is writing about a person who offended the Corinthian church, so much so that he was separated from its members.

Because sin separates.

But Paul says,

this punishment by the majority is enough, so you should rather turn to forgive and comfort him, or he may be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow. (2 Corinthians 2:6-7, ESV)

I think we know that when we are sinned against, we are supposed to forgive. But this takes it a step further and says instead that we should comfort those who have sinned against us.

We don’t like that idea, do we? After all, we’re the victim! They sinned against me! Why should I be the one to comfort them for something they did to themselves and us?

Because it’s the gospel. It’s antithesis. That’s what Jesus is.

Even more:

So I beg you to reaffirm your love for him. (v. 8)

If my husband has hurt me? It’s not my turn to be hurt and all put out. I’m called to reach out, forgive, comfort. For he’s already destitute in his sin!

When we act codependent in this way (your behavior affects my behavior which affects your behavior), we are giving Satan a foothold.

if I have forgiven anything, [it] has been for your sake in the presence of Christ, so that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs. (vv. 10-11)

Our enemy would love to have us sit and quarrel and complain about our feelings and our hurts instead of living the gospel out. It will keep us busy enough that we will reject our families, ignore our lost neighbors, turn to drugs/alcohol/food.

We’re too busy healing to do what we’re really called to do: make disciples. Jesus already took our hurt upon Himself on the cross. That is what heals us.

Forgiveness is the salve we’re really looking for.

How Do We Experience God’s Promises?

Floored. That’s how I feel.

I shouldn’t, because, you know:

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:22-23, ESV)

Do you ever feel like you’ve heard all of the Bible quotes? Or you’ve heard every sermon/translation/interpretation? Do you ever feel . . . → Read More: How Do We Experience God’s Promises?

Fighting the Comfort Idol

Part of the reason I chose my word of the year last year had to do with fighting my idolization of comfort.

I love to just be my old self. The fleshly self.

I have always been a very negative person. When I’m just seeking my own comfort, I can see it staring at me through . . . → Read More: Fighting the Comfort Idol

Adoption Fundraising Efforts

Please continue to pray for the DRC to open up exit visas for the adopted children! Your prayers are being heard – let’s nag the Lord as he calls us to do!

We are so thankful for your continual prayers on behalf of our adoption. We are thankful that God is leading us to move . . . → Read More: Adoption Fundraising Efforts

Word of the Year 2014

Last new year’s, I decided to do a word focus for the first time. My word was Gratitude.

I absolutely loved this. For me, this practice was so effective. Throughout the year, I didn’t have to do anything special, but moments where I needed to return to gratitude presented themselves all.the.time. (I’m a very negative . . . → Read More: Word of the Year 2014

Adoption Update December 2013

Only 5 days after we excitedly announced that we are adopting from the DRC, we found out that the Congo has closed exit visas for adopted children. What this means is that, while Congolese children can still go through the entire adoption process, they cannot be removed from the country.

The Congo says that this . . . → Read More: Adoption Update December 2013

Announcing the Next Member of Team Pete!!!

We’re so thrilled to announce that WE’RE ADOPTING!!!

We are already in the process of adopting from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, commonly called the DRC. I’ll let this video answer some of your questions:

We thank 620 Studio for their video design!

We will post soon with more updates, but for now, . . . → Read More: Announcing the Next Member of Team Pete!!!

Clothing Fast Update – Identity Crisis

Hey friends!

Welp, a few have asked how my 5-month clothing fast is going.

So far, so good. In fact, I’m really enjoying it. I have to say that I have had two trials so far:

1) Target Back to School Sale.

I buy many, maybe half, of my clothes at Target. I know just . . . → Read More: Clothing Fast Update – Identity Crisis

Do NOT Follow Your Heart

“Follow your heart.”

“Trust your feelings.”

“If you feel it, then it must be true.”

What do you think about the truth of these statements? I mean, these are sentiments we are taught growing up. These are things we feel are true (there’s a little fallacy there for you logic buffs).

God gave us our feelings, our . . . → Read More: Do NOT Follow Your Heart