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Faith Diary

You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did. James 2:22, ESV

Put my faith to work!
But not only that, increase my faith so that it can manifest more.

Push my dependence on you over the edge.
Could my actions be zealous for your glory!?

Could I live an uninterruptible life? A life without a grip on my stuff?

A life without a grip on my time!?

Could I lay bare anything you’ve given me so that it can be used? What shall be my living sacrifice?

Time, money?
My story of abuse, depression, infertility, loss, infidelity.

Infinite. It’s never-ending what we can truly offer in faith.

Sock Diary AKA The Difference Between Men and Women


I have these socks from REI that are 10 years old.

They were $10 for ONE PAIR, but they lasted 10 YEARS so… I think that’s a great ROI.

Where they used to keep my feet warm AND I could wear them with my riding boots, now when I wear them, my feet get cold. :(

I was telling Brad this little story last night,  and do you know what he said?  “Get a new pair!”

Now,  if you’re a guy,  you’re thinking,  Why are you telling us this? If you’re a lady, maybe you laughed like I did,  or rolled your eyes,  or even gasped,  How could he?

Because this is a big difference between men and women: women share hoping you will understand her.  Men share to solve problems.

He thought I wanted,  what? Permission,  I guess, to get a new pair for $10 socks? I don’t know!

What I really wanted was to share a 10-year experience – love affair – with these socks. I wanted him to be impressed,  to feel a little moved by it all.  Ha! Yes it’s ridiculous,  but it was all in good fun.

We both laughed when we realized the disconnect. Usually,  these communication snafus cause a lot more pain and headache,  so I’m thankful for a good humored one.

How have you missed the communication boat this week?

DIY Built-Ins by non-Pros


We’re a little crazy. You see, we have no carpentry experience whatsoever, but in an effort to stay in our smallish house while tiny people keep growing, we have been looking for ways to use our space better. We had some wasted space on each side of our fireplace that just beckoned for some built-ins . . . → Read More: DIY Built-Ins by non-Pros

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I Struggle with God’s Love – “Word” focus 2015

For the last few years,  I’ve chosen to focus on a word.  For a year.

And not just any word.  Not just a positive-vibe word,  but a word that God is challenging me with. 

For 2014, the word was contentment.  Ha. Haha. Hahahahahhahahha. … This is what I say after experiencing one of . . . → Read More: I Struggle with God’s Love – “Word” focus 2015

How Much Money Did We Lose in Our Adoption?

I’m a big fan of full disclosure.  In fact,  I might be honest to a fault (maybe because I fear judgment from man instead of trusting God knows me? Anyway,  that’s for another post.)

Because you are a faithful pray-er and contributor to our adoption, I want you to know: how much money did we . . . → Read More: How Much Money Did We Lose in Our Adoption?

Christmas Gift from the Kids – Free!


Need a fun and easy Christmas gift for the grandparents? Here ya go!

This is what we made this year (no peeking Grandma and Naunie!): Kiddo Snowmen!

I love how easy and cute this craft is. We simply dug out supplies we had: scrapbook paper, ribbon, pom poms, glitter, foam – you can use . . . → Read More: Christmas Gift from the Kids – Free!

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WIN a LeapTV Game System!

Read my full review of the LeapFrog LeapTV game system here.

And now for the fun of it, we’re going to give one away!!! Enter using the Rafflecopter below – come on, it’s easy to enter! a Rafflecopter giveaway

. . . → Read More: WIN a LeapTV Game System!

Review of LeapTV game system

Disclosure: LeapFrog provided the LeapTV system for me to review.

LeapFrog rarely disappoints me, but I was a little skeptical of this new game system they sent me, the LeapTV…. well, they blew me out of the water again!

LeapTV is fun, active, educational, and safe (age appropriate) – all of the things I love . . . → Read More: Review of LeapTV game system

The Adoption Post I Don’t Want to Write

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  James 1:2-3 ESV

I have not updated you in a long time, but there is an update.

You know, James didn’t say that trials are something we just need to suck up . . . → Read More: The Adoption Post I Don’t Want to Write

Review of LeapFrog LeapBand

Disclosure: LeapFrog provided the LeapBand to me to review.

I love LeapFrog! Their toys are always age appropriate and educational!

The LeapBand is a fun toy that gets my kids moving, and I love anything that keeps them active (and I just get to watch!). My 4-year old is kind of particular about wearing . . . → Read More: Review of LeapFrog LeapBand