Give Her Your Throne

Here’s a post especially for the men. Hey guys, it’s Thanksgiving. And can I tell you that you should be thankful for your wife?

You have no idea how hard she works for you. Sometimes she has to tell how hard she works because she doesn’t feel appreciated. When she does this, you don’t like it, now do you? It makes you feel like you’re not good enough, doesn’t it? Her intention is not to make you feel this way – she just wants you to know how much she loves you.

But she’s a flower, so she needs you to NOTICE. Say something.

No. Better yet, DO SOMETHING. Instead of telling her “thank you”, show her your thank you.

Yes, I said it. If your house is anything like mine, the women spend all Thanksgiving cooking, cleaning, eating, gabbing, standing while the men sit in the living room eating and watching TV. I don’t think one of these men have ever offered one of the women a place on the sofas when she needed a break. And when I tell the guys they get the honor of cleaning the kitchen, their faces don’t look so excited.

But you, manly man. You don’t need to be told to clean up the kitchen. You’re going to show your wife a thank you today.

And just so you have no excuse, here are some specific ideas for what to do to bless your wife in this way.

  • Give her your throne: the sofa. Take all of the men outside to throw the football around (you know, so that your thank you appears all macho and stuff). Tell the ladies that the couches are theirs… for a while.
  • Wash some dishes while she’s buzzing about working on the next dish.
  • Pull out her chair at dinner like you are on a date. She is the queen after all.
  • Compliment her cooking a million times. You can’t go wrong with this one. 😉
  • Let your wife sneak away for a 15 minute break of time just for her. Offer to watch the bird while she recharges, showers, power naps, etc.
  • Take the kids out back or on a walk to run some energy out and give the mommies a break.
  • After the plates are licked clean, go ahead and actually clean them with soap. Don’t expect the women to do it or let them blow you off. Get in there and roll up those sleeves.
  • Give your wife a foot massage at the end of the day. In fact, I’m willing to bet if you do all of the above, she’ll want you to touch more than her feet.

Guys, if you’re man enough, comment and let me know how you showed your thank you today. How did your queen react?

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