Quit Your Whining

We have the sickies.

The stomach virus that might take over the earth. This thing has infected everyone we have been in the same room with. It’s bad news.

Samuel’s bout of the virus was actually the least severe, thank God. But me? Saturday, I was laid out and could not keep one morsel of food in my stomach. I was thankful that God planned a day for us where Brad didn’t have some pastoral commitment, because he was able to take care of Samuel the whole day (except for the breastfeeding of course).

In spite of the terrible showing by my Texas Rangers, I was able to keep about ten peanuts down Saturday night. Sunday morning, I was extremely weak, thirsty, and hungry.

And Brad reminded me he was on setup that morning and had to be at church early. Ugh. OK… no problem, I’ll make it. And he was home to help get ready for our Halloween block party before I knew it.

The block party went great, but by the end I was worn out and so glad a night of sleep was coming…let’s just say it didn’t come as planned. As soon as we walked in the house, Brad announced that he was pretty sure he had gotten the death virus.

I was up with Samuel a couple of times in the middle of the night and was still not fully recuperated when I had to get up with him on Monday morning. My back and neck were aching, and I was exhausted. But I knew Brad was ill and that I would need to manage the best way I could.

God gave me spurts of energy through the morning, and Brad even had a couple of bursts himself. But I found myself ignoring him and complaining in my head.

Sigh. The one time I’m sick and could actually use the rest more than usual, Brad is sick too, and so who gets to take all of the slack up? Me. Of course. I’m the only option. The buck stops here.

I pushed the thoughts down as I took Samuel outside to play. While we were out there, I might have let him put a leaf in his mouth that he started choking on. So I turn him over and slam his back while he throws up on my feet. No problem. Baby is OK. I take him in to change his clothes and realize that his diaper had leaked while he was in his crib. Now I have to change the sheets. And you know how difficult changing crib sheets are. It’s like putting a celebrity-award-show-gown on a killer whale.

Brad came in to take Samuel for a bit while I changed the sheets, and I found my mind going back to that place of lies. And immediately, relief came, and my mind redirected.

Do everything without grumbling or arguing (NETBible, Philippians 2:14)

Wow. This has not been me…for quite a while.

And it’s not just about being long suffering because it makes you better than someone else. Rather, this should be an overflow of the awe evoked by our Savior and His work on our behalf. Paul reminds us of this in verses 5-11. And verse 13 says that God is “bringing forth in you both the desire and the effort.”

Praise God that I don’t have to believe the lies that say I deserve help or should be lauded. On the contrary, I deserve nothing, and my Savior has still taken my punishment on Himself so that I can spend eternity with Him.

Holy God – You’re amazing! I am nothing! You’re everything I want! I pray that I can reject the lies of this world – only for Your truth.

P.S. Check back Thursday for the Purpose Series, Question 2

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