This Ducky or That Ducky

My little man Samuel is starting to cruise – you know, hold on to things (namely mama) for dear life while he wobbly uses his feet to get somewhere.

When he’s on his play mat, he loves to walk over to his jumperoo and spin the duckies. He has been spinning these duckies from the other side of the jumperoo for months, but now he gets to enjoy them from the other side. This time, as he was digging his toes into the ground so he could continue the spinning, he looked over his shoulder and saw his shelf of toys. And on that shelf? Another ducky. A different one – this one is fluffy, sits in an eggshell, and has a squeaker.

But he kept spinning the jumperoo duckies while he snuck longing glances at fluffy ducky. And it made me wonder – am I like that? Is God leading me to something else while I sit here spinning the duckies I’ve outgrown?

Finally, he took the leap and made the turn. Then, he postured his body and face in a way that made me laugh so hard I had to hide it so I wouldn’t throw him off of his target. He stole a glance at the spinning duckies before taking that first step toward the fluffy duck.

After a couple of baby steps mostly in the right direction, he was very close. But instead of stepping one more time to clinch the ducky, he leaned waaay forward and grabbed it, stuffing it in his mouth and toppling to the ground. His face looked stunned until I squeaked the squeaker, and then he realized why he had taken those steps and risked the fall.

Where are you right now?

  • Are you stuck spinning the duckies when you should be taking steps in another direction?
  • Are you ready to take those next steps, but you’re hanging onto the old because it’s what you know?
  • Are you on the journey, almost there?
  • Are you grabbing hold of it in wonderful anticipation?
  • Are you taking a spill and wondering where you went wrong?
  • Are you tasting the sweetness of being on God’s path for you?

Wherever you are, take that risky step.

4 thoughts on “This Ducky or That Ducky

  1. Eryn {mamahall}

    i’m about to take that risky step! getting closer to it and tasting the sweetness of being on God’s path more and more each day 🙂 awesome devotional, mama. keep up the good work!

  2. Faith

    Ahhhh! Good questions. I have taken a few spills over the years, but I guess that means I have been on the journey. It is a journey worth taking ….spills and all!

  3. MarshaMarshaMarsha

    Well said, Stephanie! I am so thankful that God is in control. I am glad that I don’t have to be in charge of all my ducks, keeping them lined up and perfect. God gives us purpose and paves the way! If only we would stop and see what He has for us… it is always better than anything that we could imagine on our own.

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