This Pastor’s Wife’s Purpose, Question 2

Review in a nutshell: Our purpose is the glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

And we are asking ourselves some questions to determine what that might look like in our lives right now. Join us!

On to Question 2: How are you currently attempting to connect with God on a regular basis?

Before Samuel wakes up in the mornings, I get up, shower, check in with HelloMornings, and then try to read. Right now, I’m reading Beth Moore’s Jesus: 90 Days With the One and Only. This includes a short passage in the gospels, some really good thinking/response questions (which makes a doer like me actually have to think), and Beth’s interpretation of the Word.

  • In my opinion, this is a great study, but I find myself thinking that the Scripture passages are a little short. They are the perfect length for actually digesting the Scripture in a short span of time, and right now, short fits with my life. But this makes me think that I need to consider something more meaty for my study of God’s word.
  • Sometimes, Samuel will wake up before I can really get into the study. Other times, I’ll be so exhausted from the previous day that I won’t get up in time to spare 10 minutes.
  • The gospels are familiar enough to me that when I read them, the narrative plays out in my head like a movie. I love this familiar feeling, like settling into my favorite comfy chair. However, it means that if reading on my own, I will miss some of the good stuffbecause I’m rushing through it and taking the lazy way. Moore’s solid interpretation and response questions really help, but I have plenty of Bible-study method training to be able to do this on my own. I know I need to rise to the challenge of spending that quality time with God.

As much as I have loved this study – and as much as it pains a doer like me to leave something unfinished – I think it would be good for me to lay this study aside for the time being. My time with God is not spent renewing my mind right now.

Instead, I want to sit with God and His word and let Him open my eyes to wonderful things in His law. My church is studying the book of Colossians right now, and for lack of any other direction, I might start inductively studying that book. I’m sure you’ll hear about my progress: if I’m making the time to study, how the study is going, and what I’m learning.

Now it’s your turn! Wherever you are, share what your time with God looks like and if you’re getting anything out of it.

Here’s how:

  1. If you’re a blogger – blog your answer and link us up to it!
  2. If you don’t have a blog, add your answer to the comments.

God, my maker, I am nothing without You. I know that You delight in our time together. Stir up that delight in me – remind me why I run to You. And bless my friends on their Purpose journey.