This Pastor’s Wife’s Purpose, Question 4

Are you still with us on this purpose journey? I hope so! Today is the last question, and we’ll follow this up with a final conclusion post containing a BIG FAT PURPOSE STATEMENT. I hope you are digesting and formulating yours, too.

Question 4: How have you answered the question “What is your purpose” in the past? How do you feel like that has changed or not changed?

As I said before, in different phases of my life, I have tried to identify a purpose, or a vision for my life, but I don’t sit still long enough to really think about things like this.

Plus, I think I have gone about the visioning in the wrong way. Here is an example of what not to do when finding your purpose:

  • Look at your current situation and see what’s going on.
  • Assume that must have a big role in your vision.
  • Think of a “job” where you can fit your current situation.
  • Name the “job” as your new purpose.
  • Pray and will yourself to see this as God’s purpose in your life.

It’s a skeleton of a plan, and I think that seeking God would be a better first step than a last step. But I list this out because this is exactly what I have done to “name” my purposes previously. And it never really panned out into something I felt God had really called me to. Go figure.

Thankfully, God is in the business of redeeming, so you might have followed the same path and actually ended up where God wanted you. If so, yay!

Some of the “purposes” I landed on following the method above have been: mathematics professor, famous actor, stay at home mom… you see how they are all just jobs or roles? I don’t think our purpose is limited to filling a certain role.

This time, I’m trying something like this:

Now it’s your turn! Link up or comment about how you have been trying to find purpose. How will it be different this time?

Here’s how:

  1. If you’re a blogger – blog your answer and link us up to it!
  2. If you don’t have a blog, add your answer to the comments.

God, guide us, I pray. Push away the manipulations we attempt and clearly show us which doors we should be walking through. And please bless my friends on their purpose journey.