Well, Hello There Handsome!

As an update to my Thanksgiving post, the men that were at our home did awesome – and none of them read my blog!

OK, ladies back to you me. What are you doing when your husband gets home from work? Or, if you are not home at that time, what happens when you greet your husband after a day apart?

Here’s what might be going on when Brad gets home:

  • I’m in the kitchen. In one arm (or on one leg), I have Samuel, clinging on by a thread. The other hand is simultaneously wiping up the mess I just made while stirring the pot that is boiling over and also brushing hair out of my face. Brad is lucky if he gets a head nod. He’ll definitely get a mediocre, “Hi.” You know, said with a look how pathetic I am isn’t my life awful and I work so hard voice.
  • I’m wrangling Samuel into or out of a diaper, so the volume in our home at the time is so loud that you can’t hear a fighter jet blast over our house.
  • Samuel and I are playing on the floor, and we take a break (or not) to peek up and yell Hi at daddy.
  • I have to finish up one last thing for work, so I’m trying failing to keep Samuel away from my keyboard while I hurriedly type something with one hand. Again, insert frazzled, poor-poor-pitiful-me look here.

In most of these scenarios, when Brad gets home, his face has this look that says, “Well, I was excited to get home for a second there. Maybe I should walk out and come back in.” You can tell he’s tiptoeing in, trying to gauge my temperature.

What if when he walked in the door, he was greeted instead? What if Samuel and I stopped what we were doing, and showed him how excited we are to be reunited as a family? Even better, what if we ran? What if we bowled him over?

Have you ever tried this? I read this a couple of weeks ago, and it reminded me that I used to greet Brad like this once upon a time. And he absolutely loved it.

So I’ve been testing the waters and trying it again. And boy, what a difference it makes! He comes in the door and is greeted by his groupies. Do you think he’s encouraged? Do you think he longs to be home when he’s apart from us? Do you think he feels like a rock star? You bet he does.

He is instantly lifted up into a place of refuge, a place he wants to be. Home. With his family. His biggest fans.

Lord, this reminds me that I should greet You this way! In adoration! And excitement! With music and longing and smiles! Thank you for letting us bow and adore You today.

11 thoughts on “Well, Hello There Handsome!

  1. Mel

    Definitely need to do this! Can I confess that I can sometimes be absolutely horrible? Here are a few of Mark’s “greetings”.

    1. I huff and hand him a baby/kid.
    2. “You’re late”
    3. Occasionally, when he’s late and that makes me late for a meeting, I am standing in the driving way waiting for him to pull in so I can hop in the car with no hello. (ACK)
    4. Every now and them I am a zombie after a day with the kids and he gets little to no response, haha.


  2. Amy @ Coffee with the Mrs.

    I try to give my husband a warm greeting everyday. Some days are more difficult than others, but I can tell he’s lifted up just by how I look at him when he comes in.
    It’s so vital to a healthy marriage. It’s also so awesome to feel good about making him feel wanted.
    And you know, a little love pat never hurts either. 😉
    Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

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