Toss the Seal Suit

While going through pre-marital counseling, Brad and I were offered the Song of Solomon series by Tommy Nelson (absolutely fantastic, by the way, and the Mark Driscoll series is also amazing).

Tommy Nelson introduced me to the concept of a “seal suit”. Ladies – it’s your jammies.

You know the ones…

You have some, don’t you? Not sure? Do any of your jammies fit the following qualifications? Are they:

  1. 10+ years old?
  2. so worn you don’t remember and can’t tell what the pattern was?
  3. stained?
  4. your normal attire until 1:30pm?

Do they:

  1. have patterns, like Minnie Mouse?
  2. have a butt so saggy your husband calls them your gangster pants? (Guilty. True story.)
  3. make you resemble a potato sack/walking stink bomb?
  4. have holes, ahem, not in the right places?

Then you have a seal suit. And it is time to toss it! Go right now while you’re pumped up and burn that thing!

If you’re like me, you like your “comfies” – you love changing from your day to day clothes to your jammies/fat pants/sweats, etc. But let me tell you – your husband only loves this moment for you. He’s glad your comfortable around him, but he wishes for

Remember, he is visual. Don’t buy it from him or want to believe me? Next time you are intimate, look at his eyes. They will be so dilated you can hardly see his irises, like he’s taking in every inch. And he is.

It’s time to find some jammies that bless you both. Find some that feel amazing and look amazing. They are out there! And they don’t have to be lingerie – although your husband will not mind that a bit. πŸ˜‰ Why not find some comfies that are cottony, stretchy, and curve-fitting? Or for summer, what about super soft fabrics in a cami/short set? Trust me, it’s OK to show some skin. For all the terrible thoughts you have about your body, he only has one: She’s hot!

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4 thoughts on “Toss the Seal Suit

  1. lulu

    OK, I may have to find room in the budget for this, cause my entire wardrobe-night and day-may be seal suits…maybe that goes in line with the spend less on the little one, spend more on us resolution…

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