I just don’t get it. Why me? God, what were you thinking when You looked down on me from Your great place and said –

“You there. Yes you. The one who is scared of me. The one who doesn’t trust anyone. The one who wants control.

“I love you.

“I gave you that sharp, quick, pinpoint focus…for ME. But I knew you would use it for you. And I still love you. My SON is enough to cover your idolatry.

“But that doesn’t change things. I still want you. And I will pursue you. I will shape your heart towards mine. Sometimes it will be great – you will feel more alive than you ever dreamed possible. Other times, it will hurt so bad you ache in places you didn’t know I created.

“Through it all, I am with you.”

7 thoughts on “Undeserved

  1. peggy

    I love the journey we are on…. and I even love knowing we won’t reach perfection until we are face to face with Him. His grace is amazing… all covering…complete. Ah, He is soooooo good. *warm hugs*

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