Valentine’s Day Snobs

We’re kind of Valentine’s Day snobs. Not the kind who dress up all fancy, get a sitter, go to the poshest place, and eat delicious sushi at really dark tables.

No, unfortunately, we’re the other kind. The kind who turn their noses up at Valentine’s Day. Who scoff at a holiday made for love. Pshaw – like you should need a reminder to tell someone you love them!

Umm…. what if you do, though? What if you are in the throes of life and have not stopped and eaten at any kind of table together recently? What if you have illnesses in your family that keep you under hospital lighting rather than mood lighting? What if you are desperately struggling to make ends meet and absolutely cannot hire a babysitter? What if you haven’t bought anything nice for yourself to wear because of shame over your body – or the idea that you could lose “just 5 more pounds”?

Then, maybe you do need a reminder. And maybe a commercialized holiday could be a redeeming piece of your marriage.

If you’re like me, though – you really don’t want to go out on Valentine’s Day. The wait at restaurants alone will make me not be so loving. If that’s you, why not make Valentine’s Day the 15th this year?

Or, try celebrating V-Day at home. Sometimes, we’re more comfortable in our own spaces, don’t you think? Here’s why:

  • We get to control the thermostat.
  • We don’t have to hire a babysitter if we don’t want to (wait for the kiddos to go to bed!)
  • We know what our favorite meals are and can order them to bring in (no huge tip needed!) or cook them side-by-side with a glass of wine and some Jazz on Pandora.
  • We can still dress up! And if you can’t stand your heels after an hour, you can take them off.
  • If we want the night to *ahem* end early – our bedroom is close by.
  • Dessert is better in our PJs on the couch (in a dark-lit room, if desired) after the previous bullet point.

So… what are your Valentine’s Day plans?

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10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Snobs

  1. Mel

    We have always celebrated after Valentine’s Day – no crowded restaurants, no scrambling for babysitters, and the best part – all V-day junk is 50% off, hehe.

  2. mrspastor

    I remember the Valentine’s Days of our early marriage. We were too noble to celebrate our love at Hallmark’s bidding. A couple of years ago I begged to amend the practice because, as you say, we needed to be reminded. Dinner out on Sunday night, plans made (including the sitter) by my husband. When did calling the sitter become a romantic gesture?


  3. LeEtta

    Uh, guys, er…gals, the greatest Commandment is Love (God & mankind) and now there’s an actual holiday for it. Shouldn’t we be on the front lines?

    P.S. Tip: To avoid long waits at restaurants, make reservations. πŸ™‚

    1. Stephanie Post author

      I never thought about it that way; good point.
      Uh…yeah…some places don’t take reservations. And some don’t take them specifically on V Day. And SOME people aren’t “with it” enough to make them. Ahem. Haha!

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