Bold Vision

What do you think it’s like in Libya right now? The rebels are buzzing with the electricity of progress, but they also must fear the recent comments of their leaders – that they will “never ever surrender” to the rebel forces.

Doesn’t that make you thankful? Grateful that we don’t have to live in a state of alarm?

I wonder if the same kind of *zing* was in the Jerusalem air 2000ish years ago. This man Jesus – a prophet? a possessed freak? the christ? – is performing miracles left and right and claiming to be the Son of God – the Messiah that was promised to the Jews, God’s chosen people.

This month on Friday’s, I’m reading through the book of John and posting at Some Girl’s Website. Join us here!

2 thoughts on “Bold Vision

  1. SomeGirl

    I’m SO glad to have you guest posting this month! Your willingness to share what you’re learning through God’s word over there is SUCH a blessing to me and those who read it. Thank you!!

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