Flubbed Dates Still Rock

Have you treated yourselves to a date recently? We did! Now, you know when you date so infrequently, something always goes a little askew, right!?

Well, Brad and I have seriously needed to redo the landscaping in the front bed. The plants were laid our haphazardly – most looking as if they had been there for at least 10 years. The shrubs were woody and overgrown, and some were half-dead. In short, everything was unhealthy, and it looked it!

We love being outside, and I personally love plants, so we kept planning and planning and planning what we were going to do out there, but we couldn’t figure out how we were going to get it all done with Samuel in tow.

It just so happened that Brad’s mom Nancy, who is a special educator, was on Spring Break, and wanted to come see Samuel, so we thought she might be able to watch him for you know, just a few hours, while we tackled some of our project.

The day before she came in, we ripped everything out. Of course, that was a chore in and of itself. Samuel ran around throwing his ball around the front yard while I trimmed the half-dead vines on the columns back as far as possible. (I had one eye on him, I swear!) Brad pulled and hacked and dug and cursed at all of the old plants in the bed until they were all outta there.

We decided it would be best if we gave the bed a good tilling before planting, so he made plans to take a half-day on Friday to get everything moving along before our dinner and a movie date that night. Nancy came in and ended up watching Samuel while I prepped for a baby shower, and Brad tilled up the bed and added fresh soil.

When Samuel woke up from his nap, we went to the garden nursery, where (thank God) Nancy watched Sammy in the hot HOT sun while I picked up lots and lots (but not enough, of course) plants.

We got home and the planting began. It was about 7:30pm when we finally got the last one planted (even though we still had more to buy!). Poor Nancy; I know she loved it, but I’m pretty sure Samuel wore her out!

I got a shower, and tried to get Samuel to bed. Well, this was the day he decided he was done nursing! So I gave him some milk and read some books, and he proceeded to not go to sleep for me. Or Brad. Or Nancy.

We got dressed and left anyway – at 9:00pm. For dinner. Haha!

We got to the steakhouse where we had a giftcard, and sat down. We received a call that Samuel was asleep, and we took a breath and relaxed.

While Brad was on that phone call, the waitress took our drink order. I ordered a beer, and she asked if I wanted a tall or a pint. Hmmm… I thought. I’m not sure what that means! In my Starbucks logic, I thought TALL might mean SMALL, and she did say tall first, so I got a tall.

You should have seen the look on my face when she brought the TALL, like T.A.L.L 2-beers-in-a-glass, to our table. It was hysterical to drink out of this giant lush-appropriate glass!

I have to say that I was kind of peeved during dinner. They didn’t “rush” us per se, but the food came so quickly that we didn’t get much time to talk. Next time, I’m going to ask them to wait an extra 10 minutes more than they give everyone else!

Want to know how super-gung-ho we were? We decided to see a movie after dinner! A 10:30pm movie! Yes! We were determined to have this date even though we were both exhausted.

We yawned and had coffee through the movie, but were glad to be together nonetheless. It’s just a treasured moment when we go out these days that what might seem like a ho-hum or even “bad” date was amazing!

Oh! And of course, I dressed up! I have to say, I get very stylish after wearing only VERY washable clothes every day of the week. I need to take pics next time! I paired black leggings with a long purple sweater-dress, a black vest, and an empire-high belt – plus some amazing black wedges I got at TJ Maxx. Aw yeah.

Have a “bad date” story to share? Link it up or leave a comment below! And if you’re looking for a date on the cheap, get some movie tickets for only $6 this week! Check the deal out here.
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