Whose Praise Do You Want?

I would say that generally I’m well-liked. I have this annoying need for people to like me. But when I don’t feel liked by someone, I get really stressed and analyze all of the things I might have done to turn that person off.

I want to blame it on my sensitive nature; I’m the person who will come up to you at a party and try to make you feel comfortable (because I know how it feels to be that person!). But is it really that?

News Flash to Stephanie: Nobody needs you to like them!

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2 thoughts on “Whose Praise Do You Want?

  1. Amy

    Very nice post. I used to find that I was afraid to stand up for what I believe in because of how I thought people would see me. I’m getting over it cause I know it is what God wants me to do and what He thinks is more important to me than what others do. BTW-do you happen to be coming to Relevant agina this year? I am. It will be my first time there.

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thanks Amy! I hope to go to Relevant again, but I have to find a ticket first. Hopefully, I’ll see you there!

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