You Are Beautiful

She can chop onions while holding a baby on her hip.

She’s single and could be scoping for guys but guards her heart instead.

She wants people to experience her service – but only see Jesus.

She manages to read her Bible and spend time with God in the midst of a crazy life.

She already mothered precious babes and now cuddles and loves her grandchildren every chance she gets.

She spends her vacation money on mission trips.

She adopts children, legally or figuratively, so that they feel the love of Christ.

She makes her kids her first priority when she gets home from a long day of work.

She counts her chronic illness a blessing so that she can share the joy God has given her with others.

She works in the middle of the night so that she can play with her children during the day.

She stays on her feet – just a little longer – to make a healthy meal for her husband.

She gives generously or her time, talents, and treasures.

She laughs when milk spills out of the “leak-proof” sippy cup – again.

She pitches and lands that huge deal – but remains humble.

She buys a friend lunch, just because.

She remembers her first love, and takes a personal retreat to spend time with Him.

She is the most beautiful woman I know.

Super Mom. Super Woman.

Super You.


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