Give Your Family Your Time!

 Sometimes a pastor’s wife’s life can be busy. You know, Sunday morning single parent, community group on Tuesdays, Brad gone to church business meetings (i.e., membership, interest meetings, planning meetings, etc.), and mornings and evenings alone while Brad is coaching lay leaders.

It’s not every day or anything, and some weeks are busier than others. But after awhile, it can get a little old. And my perception can magnify the time apart.

Well, let me tell you – my husband blessed me the other day! It was one of those weeks where every single night was marked off for something, and family was coming in for the weekend. For once, and by the grace of God, I was handling the week’s outlook pretty well.

On Thursday morning, Brad told me I “might” be getting a package that day. A package? That wasn’t really like Brad. He’s a words-of-affirmation kind of guy, not a gift-giving guy. He asked what our plans were to be sure Samuel and I would be home.

I sort of forgot about it until he called me at about 9:30.

“Did you get your package?”



“Should I check outside?”


“Nope, it’s not here! I’ll call you when I get it.”

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I tried to look out the window, but didn’t see anything. So I opened the door.

Brad was my package!

I think my grin was about as big as my head! Time with hubby and daddy! In the middle of the workday! During a very busy week! Wahoo!

We had 2 hours of family time – time we wouldn’t have had otherwise that week.

We did normal family things – went to the park, played outside, had a snack. What we did wasn’t the point.

We had time together, and that’s all I wanted.

It was a special blessing – the best package I could have gotten!

Guys, sometimes that’s all we want – just you. Home with us. I know we can’t all just leave work (and don’t worry, Brad works well over 40 hours every week, so he’s not slackin’) in the middle of the day. But anything you can do – do it! We will respect how you’ve made a sacrifice just to be with us.

9 thoughts on “Give Your Family Your Time!

  1. Karyn

    What a sweet, thoughtful thing to do! I love how he phoned just before, so you’d be on your toes!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thanks Bill – we miss you guys too! So sad we found the group there so late in our time in Dallas.

  2. V

    Here is a trap though I use to get caught in: Waiting, Hoping, Expecting, something like this. I hear someone else’s husband did this or that (or saw it in movie, book, etc.), and then I start the whole mental pity party, and maybe even the verbal huff of why don’t you…?, which of course leads to the chances of this arrangement less, cause who wants to go out of their way to spend special time with a bitter, naggy wife…So, my thought is this, don’t wait for your husband to do this, make it happen yourself! Does it really matter who initiated, what matters is the time was made and spent together…

    1. Stephanie Post author

      It was so great, Kristen! I totally would rather have the “little” things. They are huge. 🙂

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