You Need a Bedroom Makeover


Trust me when I say: You need a bedroom makeover.

Don’t worry; I know you’re broke like me. This kind of makeover is free.

You need to transform your “master bedroom” to the “wedding chamber”, “chamber of love”, “en gedi”, “love lair”,  {insert other cheesy name that references love here-add your own in the comments!}

Just for full disclosure, here are a couple of current pics from our bedroom. I didn’t tidy anything up before taking these. You’ll notice that I’m making some of the mistakes I list  below:

Here are some easy, free ways to turn your bla bedroom where you both (try) to sleep into a refuge – a place where you can both relax, linger, and unite (if you know what I mean).

Get rid of the pictures of your kids or parents!

Seriously. Rule number 1. How can you have sex or even romance in a room with your parents looking at you? And your kids? Yeah, if you’ve never thought about it, you should be ruined now. 😉 It’s a good thing.

 Those pictures are lovely, but they need to go somewhere else in the house. Instead, bring in pictures of you two. Pictures of you dating, pictures of your wedding, pictures of your honeymoon. I was recently at a friend’s apartment, where I saw a larger-than-life (seriously) picture of her and her husband passionately kissing. It was awesome!

You probably already have these types of pictures in your house, but they’re on the walls in the hallway, or on bookshelves in your living room. Bring those all into the bedroom. Your bedroom is for you two.

Find a new home for all of the kids’ stuff.

Unless you have a new baby bundle sleeping in a bassinet, you need to seriously consider this rule: No kids’ stuff in mommy’s and daddy’s room. Toys. Laundry. Sippy cups. Diaper bags. Your room should be the one room in your house that is allowed to be off-limits to kid things.

I’m not saying you can’t allow your kids in your room or even to play in there if that’s what works for you. I’m saying that at the end of the day, all of their stuff should be out. Whether that’s on the floor in the hallway, or tucked away nice and neat – either way.


I know – who has time!? You should have seen our bedroom just a few months ago. I had a HUGE stack of things for a “garage sale” (which always ends in a donation instead :)), stacks of books I was trying to read, baby laundry everywhere, and power cords coming out of my ears.

I couldn’t see our room as a place for us. Instead, it looked like a holding pen for the j-u-n-k of our house. Gather up the garage sale donation pile, and get it donated already. Pick a couple of books that you’re actually reading right now, and put the rest on the shelves. Put the laundry, folded or not, in the baby’s room.

Now the power cords?  That one I don’t have a solution for yet (anyone have one for me!). The cords are too short to lay nicely against the wall, so they just spill all over the floor by my bedside table.

You get the idea. If your bedroom is not full of junk, when you two are in there, you can look into each others’ eyes and talk (or whatever else) without thinking about all of the stuff piled up everywhere.


Pull in a couple of candles from your other rooms. Actually consider making the bed! And changing the sheets! Do you have any other special momentos that are sentimental to your relationship? Try to get them out in the open somewhere in your room.


It’s easy for this stuff to take over and get out of hand, so don’t beat yourself up when it does. Just remember that your priority once the kids are in bed and it’s just you two – is your marriage. And if you have a “wedding chamber” to visit for those special moments, rather than the couch, maybe you’ll visit more often?

12 thoughts on “You Need a Bedroom Makeover

  1. Gail

    A bit off topic, but By the way, a friend of ours who is a garage sale queen is arranging a yard sale with us/for us, proceeds going to the Go India teams. She sends out tons of SOS’s for stuff over a month’s period of time, I guess that’s the secret. Then she uses a friend’s house on El Salido which gets major traffic. She has raised 1K, 2K in a matter of a morning in past years for other causes. So…if you still have stuff, you can donate it to our garage, haha, where stuff is being stored til the garage sale which I believe will be the 3rd weekend of May.

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Nice! That’s awesome, Gail! I have actually already donated a bunch of stuff :(, but I have another stash I’m working on. 🙂 When can I get it to you?

  2. martha brady

    great post! i’ve been convicted along these lines lately. something about the changes that come with retirement…or close to it… i’ve let down my guard:(

  3. Amanda H.

    Ugh…our bedroom is atrocious! I don’t struggle with the toys or the pictures, but it is definitely the junk spot and is always the last place that gets cleaned out. It is so not a restful place to be. And even though this was on my to-do list again this week, I appreciate the reminder. Now I just need to kick it into high gear and make some good progress!

    1. Robyn

      Amanda, I’m with you! Our bedroom was always where I shoved stuff when I needed it out of sight and didn’t know what to do with it. I’ve switched to the office for that… still needs to be dealt with and it’s driving me crazy, but I decided it’s at least not going to be our bedroom! 😉

      1. Stephanie Post author

        Uh oh, I have used both! What does that say! Yeah, so maybe I moved everything from our bedroom to the office! 🙂 I just shut the door at this point. Haha.

  4. Faith

    We just did a whole purge thing at our house. It is amazing how much I like my bedroom now that it is clutter free. Good advice!

  5. Annie

    I really like this. I’ve always liked the idea of my “marriage den” having a similar feel to a hotel room. Not in an impersonal way (I love the idea of the dating pictures, etc.), I just like about hotel rooms how everything is clean, relatively clutter-free, and comfy (presumably. I’ve stayed at some hotels that I wouldn’t want to serve as a model for my “love cave!”:) in the same vein I have always dug the concept of keeping the bath tub/shower area clean & romantic. I know all this will be even more challenging to maintain someday if we have little ones but I want to try hard (and he does, too, so I’m fortunate). Thanks for the advice.. I love reading/talking about this stuff.

    1. Stephanie Post author

      LOL thanks for adding some cheesy names, Annie!
      Oooo that’s a good point about the bathroom. I could really use some work in the clutter area there, too!

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