You, the Discipler

I knew this would happen – I just knew it! This warrior prayers thing is changing me more than it’s changing my son.

Oh wait, that’s a good thing, right!?

Since the 21 Days of Prayers for Sons began, we have prayed over 10 verses each weekday on these topics: Obedience, Submission to Authority, Integrity, Avoiding Foolishness, and Pride. Are those not things you would love to be strong (or weak for Pride)  in your sons!? What about yourselves?

I have certainly been convicted by many of these scriptures in my own life. And I’m sure that’s by design. If the word is not working itself out in my life, how can I expect my son to respect it? Only by God’s grace – which does happen mommas, so don’t beat yourself up if your sons are older and you just started following God closely – He alone is powerful enough to capture his heart. But we do have the opportunity and responsibility to be our sons’ greatest discipler.

As I pray each passage of scripture for Samuel, I think each time, “Oh yes, God! Please let this be true in his life!” Of course, I would love for my son to have perfect behavior, perfect attendance, a perfect wife, and a perfect life plan, but that’s not what this is all about! This is about his heart! This is about him thinking that Jesus is better than everything – better than disobedience, better than rebelling, better than momentary pleasures, better than foolish choices and even better than humility.

That’s what I want for him. For him to know that God is worthy of glory, and that he can best give glory to God by being a small picture of His grace and His love to the world. That the words he shares with friends about Christ will have more impact the more Christ-like he is.

Praying through these scriptures is making me more passionate about what God wants for Samuel – yippee! I want His will for Sam’s life; not mine. My heart is being oriented around the words God has given us through the Bible. The prayers for things I haven’t experienced yet in Samuel (overt disobedience, foolish mistakes, etc.) are giving me a taste of what is to come – and what better way to teach him than by using God’s own words? What better way to pray for him than through the scriptures? What better way to keep my parenting in check?

A lovely side effect I’m experiencing of the warrior prayers is a tangible example of praying without ceasing.

As I chop veggies in the kitchen, with Sam running around as well, my prayer sheet is on the island – the words on my lips. As I pass by the dining room table (where the “paper monster” lives in my house currently), I see the prayers on paper, so I pause on the couch for a few minutes and take time to pray. When I wake up in the morning, I’m excited to grab the new page of prayers picked just for Samuel. Just for me. Just for today.

3 thoughts on “You, the Discipler

  1. Haelie

    You are so right. So many of us in this challenge are finding the same thing…WE are changing! For the better! Praise God!

  2. Heidi

    Thanks for sharing. I’m starting the 21 days late and it’s good to hear what God is doing!

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