Call for Questions of Excellent Wives!

Happy Wedded Wednesday to you, friends!

I bet we all know some “excellent wives”, don’t we? Wouldn’t you love to pick their brains? To dissect their marriages and ministry and find out – How do they do it!?

Well – I have some exciting news! I know some truly excellent wives – and I conned asked if they would be willing to be “interviewed” for an Excellent Wives series at The Candid Pastor’s Wife. Guess what? They all agreed! Haha, suckers. No seriously – I’m so excited about this – because when I look at these women, I think – I want to follow them as they follow Christ.

For that is really what being an excellent wife is all about – devotion and worship of the God of the universe.

What’s funny is – once I started thinking about the women I asked, I realized they were all ministry wives! I didn’t do that on purpose, but it just kind of ended up that way. They are also all women who are not newlyweds – because as much as I love newlyweds – I want to hear from women who have already been through the darkest and the most glorious parts of their marriages.

Don’t you?

I, of course, already have several questions I want them to answer, but I’d love to throw it out to you to chime in, too. What are the questions you have for excellent wives? They can be anything – from how do you tangibly encourage your husband to how do you keep the passion burning in the bedroom.

Come on ladies – don’t be shy!

Post your questions in the comments below or on the Facebook page. I’ll try to include all of them in my interviews.