Where Oh Where…

has this little blog gone you ask?

I can’t believe it’s been since June 1 that I posted! Rest assured, I have been busily writing posts… in my head!

You see, life is crazy right now, and I decided a while ago to take the summer off from blogging….but I forgot to tell you!


I have double the workload right now, including work involving travel. Plus, we’re doing a DIY remodel on our kitchen! Whew!

It’s amazing how much I miss blogging and how often posts come to mind, but I know I have to take a little summer vacation right now. I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear with my expectations to you (how often do we have to say that to our spouses!?).

In the meantime, please enjoy plenty of oldie-but-goodie posts by using the navigation bar at the top of the page. Hover over the words, and you’ll see drop-downs with other topics you can peruse.

Also – if you’re a blogger or are involved in social media, don’t forget to join me at the Lady Blogger Social Online Conference! It’s only 2 weeks away (and I’m speaking!). You can get tickets using my affiliate link here if you want: Get a ticket!

My talk will be on Friday. Here’s a synopsis:

Blogging: A Three-Ring Circus

Walking the Tightrope, how to balance honest writing with integrity and sensitivity. The juggling act, how to be a committed blogger when you have other priorities (e.g., marriage, children, other careers, ministry, family, friends, and yourself). Swinging on the trapeze, using your blog to connect and partner with other opportunities.

What are your summer plans? Are they as crazy as mine!?