A Prayer for My Father

My father is currently facing some consequences to his actions that feel impossible to bear.

He’s hurting. He’s worried. Dare I say he’s … scared? My father who seems to flinch at nothing – he can’t ignore what’s in front of him right now.

I was in Houston visiting family for a couple of birthday celebrations, and on our way out of town, Sammy and I stopped by my dad’s house for a visit. We haven’t seen him in quite some time, and I’m really glad we made the visit today.

As I sat listening to my dad pour out his story, I truly hurt for him and what he was going through. I didn’t see the actions that led to where he is. I just saw him and his brokenness. I felt a glimpse of how God sees us at any given moment.

I had the privilege of praying for my father, and as I prayed, I knew that, without Jesus mediating our eternity to the Father, he and I are in the same state. I felt completely equal with him. Not better, as the world would probably view us and conclude. Not one little bit. We are the same.

On my drive home, I prayed for him a few times, and I felt his fear and his pain in my own way. I want to lay out a prayer right here for him. Maybe you’ll pray it with me? Perhaps your father needs it too? Most of all, I bet you need it yourself. Just as I do.

Dear Lord,

My father is your creation, and your amazing word says he is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). He is a masterpiece of yours.

But he is broken. His paint is crackled with age and abuse. He himself has marred the very quality of the craftsmanship, as though ripping apart the canvas and crudely sewing it together. Over and over again. (Romans 3:23)

Oh Lord, I praise you that you don’t leave us in our wretched state. But you sent Jesus, God-as-a-man, who in his perfection died and pulled all of our penalties on his broken and bloody body. (Romans 5:8)

I pray that my father would receive your gift of eternity instead of the spiritual death he has earned himself (Romans 6:23).

My father needs a miracle in the very near future, Lord. He needs a small dose of mercy to continue.

And I know full well he might not get it. I thank you that you are gracious and provide for us in ways we never see, and I know you are in control and will use this, miracle or not, for your glory (Romans 8:28).

Regardless of the past and future events in my father’s life, I pray above all things that he would love Jesus above everything in his life. I pray that above all – above it all Lord – that he would just want to bring you glory. That your glory would motivate his heart. 

Beyond that, I pray that people who are in his life who are followers of Jesus would rise up in his life and help him in his time of need. That your saints would love him with the hands of Jesus.

In the power of the blessed name of Jesus, I pray this. Amen.

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