The End Game of the Christian Faith

I have a friend whom I’ve known for about 2 years now. Her son is Samuel’s age, and we get along with all of them so well. They are intelligent, thoughtful, kind, and fun. The schedules of a toddler’s family only allow so many get togethers, but we’ve been able to make several happen over the past 2 years.

Through this time, as we do with most of our relationships, Brad and I have been praying for this family to see Jesus for who He is – the savior of the world. The savior to them.

When we begin praying like this, we have no idea where our friends are spiritually. We have no idea if they walk closely with Jesus, if they are hostile towards the gospel, or if they’re just not seeking anything spiritually.

As we got to hang out with these friends more and more, conversations about God would very easily present themselves, and I found out something that fascinated me. My friend, who describes herself as agnostic at this point, has been seeking out spiritual answers for at least 3 years. What I mean by “seeking out” is that she’s been looking for a church, if you will, that she feels comfortable enough to even check out what they believe. Checking out websites, keeping her ears open, staying interested. I applaud my friend for this – she’s really doing something on her faith journey –  she’s really trying to figure out what’s true. That rocks.

We’ve been dialoging recently about a sensitive topic and what the Bible has to say about this issue. It’s been such a great experience to really be able to listen to what she says and respond – in faith – with the truth of God’s word and His big ole’ love.

In one of our correspondences, she asked me what the “end game” was. This had to do particularly with the sensitive matter we were discussing, but I really liked her wording, so I’m asking her permission to steal it today. 😉

The end game of the Christian faith is always always to glorify God more. To fall more in love with Jesus. To worship God more than any created thing.

I think we forget that. We forget it when we’re on the road and someone in front of us is traveling annoyingly slowly. We forget it in our politics. We forget it when someone wrongs us in a painful way. We forget it when we have a difficult decision to make. We forget it when a debate around the water cooler comes up.

The Christian faith is not about a life lived by a set of rules. It’s not about a political agenda. It’s not about having a big house. It’s not about being the best mom or having the smartest children.

It’s all about worship. It’s all about glory.

Discarding worship of ourself. Discarding glory of the world.

Instead, casting all of our worship on the only One who is worthy.

4 thoughts on “The End Game of the Christian Faith

  1. Susie Klein

    So well said! It is so easy to lose sight of the “end game.” In fact I was almost afraid you were leading toward saying it was getting to Heaven! Yay, you did not do that!
    It is about worship and giving God glory! Perfect answer for the big question that so many have, even if they don’t know it.

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Although I do look forward to heaven because it is then that we will truly worship God without our sin getting in the way! 🙂 that’ll be amazing!

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