How Chaos Becomes Worship

There are a lot of things in my life right now that should have this sign thrown on the door handle:

In Progress

My entire house is in progress right now. Our partly-DIY kitchen project is getting closer to completion, which means uninstalled cabinets are sitting in my kitchen and cabinet doors that need just one more coat of paint are taking up my car space in the garage.

The current “office” (ahem – this is a closet-turned-desk that is in the third bedroom) will be moved to the said kitchen project once it’s complete. But right now, the “office” also has baby furniture in it. And that room will (hopefully) be painted once we find out the gender, so everything is just kind of sitting there.

In progress.

My body is in major progress. I’m finally over the feeling-horrible stage of this pregnancy. Yippee! And this baby is growing, growing, growing! I finally had to admit defeat and put on maternity pants and shirts. I’m sure everyone else is glad I finally did, too.

My marriage: as always! We are growing in a healthy way right now, thank the Lord, as opposed to the burn-out + 1st trimester + toddlerhood rhythm we were in at the end of the year.

In progress.

This New Year is definitely in progress. 2011 feels a million miles away, and 2012 has thrown down the gauntlet. However, not everything is in full swing yet. The Biblical Womanhood small group I’m leading doesn’t pick back up until the end of this month (which means I have some spare time to blog :)). A little extra work picks up for me next week. And my deprived accountability partner and I have both been missing our time together.

Maybe this blog is in progress, too. Don’t worry! I’m not leaving – as much as I made you believe it in the Fall. 🙂 No, as “deep” (maybe 3 feet?) as this post may turn out, I’ve considered adding some shallow things to my blog. Would you run away if I did?

And did I mention I tried to start raking leaves the other day while I was solo with my 2-year old? Yeah. I got an entire 1/3 of the backyard raked. The next windy day and woosh – all that work is gone!

It’s in progress.

But you know what? My soul is, too. (Come on, you knew that’s where I was going, didn’t you?)

Our church is spending a few days this week and then the next 21 days committed to praying specifically for the mission and vision to reach every man woman and child in Austin with the gospel of Jesus.

Most people have chosen to fast from something for the next 3 days so that we can more focus on our need for God. Our utter dependence on Him for everything. Our very breath.

This vision? It’s His. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have it. And we depend on Him to grow us. Because we are not going to be satisfied unless we are a part of what He is doing in this world.

And we will always be in progress.

So if you are a finisher, friend, like yours truly, then get used to the chaos. No, not just that.

Let’s enjoy it. Let’s recognize that this is where He has us right now and until Jesus returns.

In Progress.

And we can surrender this chaos to the Holy Spirit to be used and glorified for His purposes.

How easy or hard is this for you? What can you do to move more towards a mindset of embracing your circumstances and surrendering them for the Kingdom?