Start Discipling Your Children Now

Funny story: I was deleting old draft posts, and I came across this one – ummm…. it’s a year old… and fully written. So I’m posting it! 🙂

This little man – he’s not a baby anymore. All of a sudden, that face that looks so much like mine has thinned out into the face of a 12-month old toddler. A toddler who will be a man in an instant.

How can a mother of a not-quite-baby-boy-anymore really disciple this child? I mean, it’s not like my son understands what I’m saying, right? What can I really do to nurture his spiritual formation?

My conclusion is that I’m already doing it. Or should be. Because he understands more than I think. He knows that when I’m laughing, my heart is happy. He becomes very still when I’m upset and discussing something serious with another person. He cries when I’m mad about something he’s done and firmly tell him “No.”

Thus, I think he will “get it” when he hears me talking with Daddy about how we can love our neighbors better. I think he will see my commitment, or lack thereof, to my relationship with God when he catches me reading my Bible and praying. I think he will know what God’s mission is because he will see us trying to live it out. I think he will value what it means to be a Godly man because he sees Mommy encouraging Daddy in this way. At least, I think he will catch on to these things. Slowly. But surely.

Moms of tiny ones – don’t feel left out! The role you play in your son’s spiritual development begins now. And it begins with your spiritual development.

You are the primary influencers of your son’s life. Instead of letting – and expecting – friends, family, teachers, or the church to nurture his heart, take the initiative.

What do you do regularly that you hope your son will learn by “catching” you in action?