Valentine’s Day: Love is in the Air (and On Sale?)

Wow – Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away now. Can I remind you that we are not the best at celebrating the holiday of love? We’re the delinquint friends who forget to celebrate and then feel like hacks when you ask us what we did for Valentine’s Day! 😉

I’m not sure what we will do this year, but just the fact that it’s still January, and I’m already thinking about the holiday is really good for me! Maybe we will stay in and have a fire (pleeeeease can we have some winter around here!?). Maybe we will have chocolate-covered strawberries! (I always want to do that but can never get it together…) Maybe we will leave the house…likely not but ya never know!

Let’s do something fun! In the comments, or on Facebook – tell me:

In your ideal world, what would you and your spouse do for Valentine’s Day?

Oooo I can’t wait to hear! Maybe I’ll get some ideas!

In the meantime, I was browsing the Dayspring website for my kitchen when I saw a new collection, and it’s totally on sale!

I know where love comes from and He has my heart

Isn’t that so super cute!? If you have a daughter, this would be a special Valentine’s gift for her. This particular picture is from a 6-piece set that’s usually $17.45 but is on sale for only $8.73! Click here to order it on Dayspring’s site.

And they still have the Mr. and Mrs. Collection, which is my personal favorite. Some of these products are on sale, too.

Now get going on that question above – I want to dream with ya!