A Surprise Guest Post for the Candid Pastor’s Wife

Surprise! This is the hubby pastor of  the “Candid Pastor’s Wife,” and today I have subversively hacked my wife’s blog account to let you know why she makes the best Valentine:

1)  Her creativity. This was one of the first traits I noticed about my wife when we met nearly 13 years ago. She and I were both theater majors and the first time I saw her she was wearing fuzzy leapord print Doc Marten’s – I thought, “There’s a chic with some style.” My wife has an incredible mind, able to combine both the creative and nerdy sides of her brain. She is the only person I knew who was both a writing and math tutor, and she actually double majored in Math and Theater. I see this best since she’s become a mom, whether she’s organizing the grocery list to fit our budget or creating fun activities, songs, and games for our son – she’s the creative nerd I love!

2) Her resilience. This has always inspired me about my wife. She doesn’t necessarily like this about herself, sometimes feeling a bit pretentious, but she’s been through many unique challenges and had to learn early in life the hard, but necessary path of persevering. This is one of the reasons I’m confident we’ll grow old and saggy together–she has to be resilient to put up with me.

3) Her love for her family. When we were married, my wife and I thought kids were a nice “idea”, but never considered when or if we would have children. We were both focused on persuing careers and a life together. In every job my wife has had, she’s always risen to the top. She is an “all” or “nothing” kind of gal. So, when God chose to breathe life into our little boy Samuel, she was determined to be the best mom and continue being the best employee at her job. Yet, she soon felt the incredible delight (and heavy responsibility) of being a mommy, and she knew that giving her “all” to this great role was best. And so, that is what she does. She has a great employer that allows the luxury of part-time work from home and she works part-time as an actress, but finds her greatest job being a mom.

4) Her love for people. This has been something I have seen significantly increase in my wife. She is by nature a “doer”. The kind of person who sees obstacles, formulates strategies, and executes with efficiency and precision. So, naturally, people can sometimes be viewed as obstacles. But, over the years I have seen her invest countless hours into developing meaningful friendships with co-workers, neighbors, family, and fellow church members. She prays. She makes goodies. She listens. She cries. She laughs. She babysits. She counsels. She loves…even when it’s hard.

5) Her love for Jesus. This is my wife’s first love. And though I could have gone on and on listing many other traits I love about her, it is this that informs all she is and does and it is this that makes her exceedingly beautiful. My wife would be the first to tell you that the only reason she is who she is, is because she is a recepient of the greatest love ever.

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers/sisters. 1 John 3:16

So today, on Valentine’s Day, I say thank you to the God who loves my wife more than I ever could, and who is gracious enough to entrust her to me, so that through her loveliness, I would fall more in love with the One who gave His life for us. Now that’s the greatest Valentine anyone could get!

9 thoughts on “A Surprise Guest Post for the Candid Pastor’s Wife

  1. Donna kaminski

    Awwww how sweet this is! You have a beautiful wife & son & she has a beautiful man of God Husband! This is so touching…& it’s from a man! LOL! God bless you both!

  2. Stephanie Post author

    Oh my goodness!! I just found this!!!! How blessed am I – I truly cried when I read this. I feel so honored to have such an amazing husband. I’m blown away…

  3. Ruth in New Zealand

    This is so sweet and a lovely bonus insight into who you are Stephanie. Thank your husband for sharing!

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