Co-Sleeping: From Frustration to Joy

My son Samuel has never been a good sleeper. It took a year for him to sleep through the night, and it took quite a bit of effort and exhaustion for us to help him learn to go to sleep in his crib all by himself.

And then, right before he turned 2, he decided he was done with the crib he had grown to love. He ended up in bed with us while we ordered and waited for big boy furniture. While we’re not against co-sleeping as a sleeping situation, we knew from the beginning that it was not for us, and we very rarely had him in our bed.

That month of co-sleeping was not fun. I am a light sleeper, and having a 2-year old in bed did not help that. I also had added my body pillow* at that point – it’s a must-have when you’re pregnant, so I linked you to one! Our queen size bed was getting very tight and hot and covered in toddler sweat!

If you have a child like Sammy who’s always on the go, you know what a precious moment it is when they are asleep. Not because they’re not awake being a toddler. No – it’s precious because you never get to see them that way. At their most vulnerable. Their most still (you know, for a few minutes). Their most relaxed.

So one night, instead of being all bent out of shape about not being able to fall asleep and stay asleep, with one hand on my pregnant belly, I just put my arm around that little guy, with my hand on my husband, and I realized: My heart now belongs to three beings. And that will never change.

This was the cry of my heart:

Shout with joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious! (Psalm 66:1-2, NIV)

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7 thoughts on “Co-Sleeping: From Frustration to Joy

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Absolutely Karyn! Btw, I have a gift for the little man! I will get it to you at church. 😉

  1. Valeria

    Nico hasn’t been wanted to sleep in his bed the last couple weeks and last night I thought the same thing and he cuddled up next to me…even though I don’t want him to start a hard habit to break, I love seeing him sleep…all sprawled out (taking up more space than you would think a 2 year old would take up)….it’s adorable.

  2. Jen

    This is so sweet 🙂 We have co-slept from birth with our now-18-month-old. There are definitely those moments of frustration where I ask myself WHY we co-sleep and HOW a tiny person can take up so much space. But my husband and I really enjoy having him with us more times than not. We know all too soon he’ll be too big and too cool for mommy and daddy and we’ll miss the nights we wake up with him turned sideways between us 😉

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Lol yes you will! I have many friends who cosleep and say the exact same thing! Sometimes after my son wakes up, I crawl in his bed to cuddle. Usually he just starts to roughhouse Lol!

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