Kitchen Remodel: Transforming a Bisque Kitchen and Adding an Office Nook

For over 6 months now, we have been working on a partly DIY kitchen remodel. I have proof that you can survive such a thing: you can see the pictures below – and my husband has not divorced me. Yippee!

When we bought our home, we weren’t sure we would be able to have children. Little did we know, we were pregnant when we signed on the house! And now we have baby #2 (a girl – squeel!) due in June.

Our home has a great layout and a greenbelt past the backyard. The kitchen is open and spacious and well-organized. All reasons we bought the home. But, our home only has 3 bedrooms, and I work partly from home.

Enter a solution!! While our kitchen is open and spacious, there is a “breakfast room” that is really a continuation of the kitchen between the island and the sliding glass door. We have never used it as a breakfast room because we would have to move to either side to put a table without blocking the door to the backyard.

On one side of the “breakfast room,” we have Samuel’s play area – foam mats on the floor and a grid bookshelf for toys. The other side of the room has just been empty.

We thought it would be a perfect spot for a built-in office nook. This could replace the “office” that currently was the third bedroom. (I basically had shelves in a closet as a “desk,” and we had a futon, bookshelves, filing cabinets, junk, etc.

I was negligent and didn’t take good “before” pictures, and I’ve lost track of the pictures we had from purchasing the home. So here are a couple of pictures to show you what the kitchen cabinets and countertops looked like before. The cabinets were a medium-stained oak, the countertops were a bisque formica, and the backsplash were bisque tiles with a cobalt-blue stripe.

In fact, when we moved in, pretty much the whole kitchen was bisque except for the cabinets. The walls were unpainted, so the yellow we chose was already a bright improvement!

Even though the cabinets are only 13 years old, the finish on them was pretty beat up already. The previous owners and their children and pets really lived in the house. 🙂

This was at Samuel’s 1-year birthday party! Check out the cabinets and bisque countertops. See the cobalt blue stripe in the backsplash? That had to already be dated in ’99 when the house was built!

And besides this showing how cute my little man was with a bald head, you can see how the cabinets looked off to the right.

Here was our plan:

  • Purchase remnant cabinets for the office nook. We found 4 units for only $45 a pop. Sweet!
  • Paint all cabinets to match. This is why the project took so long. We painted all of the existing cabinets (off-white – bisque in fact!), the island (chocolate brown), and then months later painted the new cabinets. Although this was a lot of work, we saved a ton of money not having to gut cabinets and buy all new ones.
  • Add brushed nickel hardware. We found everything we wanted at Target of all places! And the price was right. Maybe $80 total.
  • Get new cabinets for the office nook installed. We were going to do this ourselves, but I contracted a cabinet wholesaler to install them for $250. I’m so glad I did – it was a TON of work!
  • Have granite installed – and the same company removed and re-installed a new travertine backsplash. I got 2 bids, one of which was hundreds lower than the rest. They did an outstanding job. Free sink, too! About $3K for everything.

Here is the finished product! We still want to update the stove and microwave in the next year, and we still have curtains and some other little things to change out.

BTW, I didn’t clean anything up before taking this, so don’t mind the doodads. You’re lucky there isn’t more on my counters!

And the office nook! Now we have a third room for little Emma Nichole, who is coming in June, and this office nook looks better than we imagined it!
Now we’re just saying, Thank the Lord it’s done and we’re still a team!! 😉

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8 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel: Transforming a Bisque Kitchen and Adding an Office Nook

  1. Donna kaminski

    This turned out really nice! I love the little office nook idea! Such a differance! Great job!

  2. Kelly B

    Very nice!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see it in person. Sorry I forgot to get back to you on the bar stools.. I keep forgetting to talk to Jered about them, they’re his.. he likes them and we could be looking for a bigger home soon so maybe we’d like em back…

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thanks Kelly! Of course, it looks even better in person. OK cool – we will get the stools back to you. 😉

  3. Jennifer Higgins

    Looks amazing!!! I can’t imagine how that could tangle with a marriage…curtain rods push it for us 😉

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