Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Love Talk Journal

What should you get your man for Valentine’s Day? Or for his birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Father’s Day – any holiday where you want to exchange gifts?

Let’s be real: some men are so hard to buy for. Particularly those whose love language is words of affirmation. Yeah. That’s my husband.

He actually enjoys having conversations, talking things through, dreaming for the future, philosophising.

Sometimes we get to do this together, but there are also many weeks where we are hard-pressed to find a day we go to sleep at the same time, let alone sit down and have a conversation.

So for Christmas, I gave Brad a Love Talk Journal.

Sounds mushy, huh?

A Love Talk Journal is simply a place where you keep notes to each other. One person has the journal. When they feel prompted, they write a note to their partner. Then, they pass the journal to their mate – we also like to hide it where we know the other will find it! Once they have the journal, it’s their turn.

The note doesn’t have to be a love note (although that’s fair game!). It can be a note about things you’re thinking about, things that you’re thankful for, things you love about them. It’s just a note.

But this journal is not a place for conflict. I strongly believe that you should deal with conflict in person (even if you have to write to process first -the Love Talk Journal is not the place for that).

When we were college sweethearts, Brad and I had a Love Talk Journal, but it’s been many years since we wrote notes like we were giddy kids.

So I decided to bring it back!

For Christmas, I gave him a journal. It was one we already had on our shelf. In fact, it was this one from Dayspring:

We had not written in this yet, so it was ready to go. It’s so cute: it even has a side for the Mr. to write, and a side for the Mrs. to write. 😉 But of course, any bound notebook will do!

So I wrote my first Love Talk note, and wrapped it up. He loved it. I’m sure it was his favorite gift. (Right, babe?)

Even if you don’t typically exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, a Love Talk Journal is more about putting your feelings for your husband in black and white. Words he (and you!) can read and even cherish for a lifetime. It’s a tangible reminder for regular romance.

Do you have a great gift idea for men? Add it to the comments below!

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And I know I posted this 2 weeks in advance of V-Day, but I wanted to give you time to find the perfect journal! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Love Talk Journal

  1. Annie D

    GREAT idea…… kevin and I are both “words” people. we had journals to write to each other when we were dating but we mostly just resorted to emails anyway. 🙂 i like the suggestion of one to pass back and forth. that’s really thoughtful!

  2. Stephanie, The Candid Pastor's Wife

    Can I confess that it’s my turn (I.e. I have the journal), and I’ve been procrastinating writing in it!? Need to do it today! 🙂

  3. Brenda

    I gave my hubby the same journal at Christmas. I love it!! We have already written so many encouraging notes. Its so awesome when I find it waiting for me!!!!

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