DIY Date Night Nails – Tips for Sally Hansen Salon Effects

date night nails
Spring Break means that Samuel’s Naunie, who’s a teacher, is available to babysit for me. Which means a 3-day sleepover for Samuel. Which means a date night for mommy and daddy! :):):)

I know, I know. We should be having three date nights, but alas, Brad ended up with meetings on 2 of the nights we were free. (It’s just comes with the job!)

After dropping Sammy off with Naunie, I treated myself to a trip to Ulta – one of the great DIY beauty meccas! And if you know me personally, you know I’m all about DIY beauty. I do my own pedicures; I highlight my own hair; I even wax my own bikini – yup!!!

But mommyhood sometimes gets in the way of momma’s beauty. And I’m OK with that. For a time. But then it’s time to rev it back up – I want to look good for my man! He knows I do it primarily for him, so when I try a new lipstick or get a new blouse or wash my hair, he seems pleased. What man wouldn’t stand taller for a woman who wants to be a feast for his eyes only?

It’s definitely been awhile since I was able to take care of myself, so I had to stock up at Ulta. New pedicure tools, new waxing and shaving supplies (my razor was YEARS old and had mold on it – yeah). And I decided to try something new:

Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Have you heard of these? I know they’ve been out for awhile now, but I rarely paint my fingernails, so I’m kinda late to the game. They’re basically like nail polish stickers.

And I’m in love with them!

Everything you need is in the little kit, except for a swipe of nail polish remover. You do a little prep to your nails (with the kit tools), then you apply the stickers one by one. The kit comes with several sizes, including extras, and each sticker has a squarish edge and a curvy edge so you can choose which is right for your cuticle area.

I would say the whole process took me about 30 minutes. I’m a little fastidious (i.e., anal), so I spent a little extra time making sure everything was just so. After you’ve done it once, I bet you could cut 5-10 minutes off the process.

This is definitely a project you could do while relaxing in front of the TV, too. It’s not super messy (no wet nail polish, just stickers and sticker pieces).

The prices of the kits vary from about $2.50 – $9.99 for new/popular patterns. Mine cost about $5 at Ulta. A steal for a fun little manicure!

Are you ready to try it? Here are my tips:

  • Read the instructions through once before you get started. They’re very simple, but this will help you feel confident as you move forward.
  • Sit somewhere with good lighting! I did this in my dimly lit bedroom, which was a mistake.
  • Choose and line up which stickers will go on which nails before starting. I just lined them up from left to right, pinky to thumb for the left hand and thumb to pinky for the right hand.
  • When choosing the stickers, consider the fact that your nail beds curve down on the left and right. One sticker I chose was a little skinny because I didn’t factor that in – but it still ended up looking good!
  • If this is your first time, choose a pattern or glitter kit, rather than solid. If you make some minor mistakes, you won’t be able to tell.
  • When you put the sticker on, line it up in your cuticle, and then press in the middle of your cuticle. Keeping your finger on the cuticle, press up from there. In other words, stick down the center of the nail first. Then, move from the center to the sides.
  • After using the wood stick to smooth the edges, check if you got a little bit of overlap off the side of your nail. If you did, you can use the pointed side to get rid of it. Simply “outline” the edge of your nail with the pointed end, like you’re drawing over it. Don’t be too rough or you can damage the sticker. Just be firm and go over it a few times. The excess piece will start to disconnect, and you can take it off.
  • Make sure to crease the sticker over the front of your nail and rub it down. Then, use the file as instructed to get the excess to come away. You want to put the file on top of the sticker rather than underneath so that it stays connected to the rest of the nail. With light filing, once the excess starts to separate, you can gently pull it away or continue filing until it’s completely removed.
  • Do both of your thumbs last. You’ll see why. 😉
  • Enjoy!!

Oh! I also painted my toenails for date night using crackle polish (I was in a hurry so don’t mind the bad polish job):

date night nails

How much do you like DIY beauty? Could you use some more help with it? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Date Night Nails – Tips for Sally Hansen Salon Effects

  1. Kelly B

    I even wax my own bikini – yup!!!… lol only you, the same tough cookie that had a natural InDUCED labor.. 🙂

    1. Stephanie Post author

      LOL waxing is not that bad. The first time is the worst but then it’s really not bad at all! 😉

  2. Annie

    I have to say.. I’m impressed by your DIY ambition. I really want to have cute nails but I have a hard time not biting my nails! Bad, bad habit. The only time i’ve had my nails done fancy was for my wedding. I loved it! I had the best nails for the next month or so… Also, that’s awesome that you highlight your own hair! wow, it does not at all look like the disaster i would expect mine to look like if i attempted something like that. *applause*!!!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thanks, Annie! I absolutely would help you do your own highlights if you’re interested!
      I broke myself of biting my nails as a teen by dipping them in fingernail polish remover. It was a reminder to not bite. HTH!

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