Premarital Sedative Dentistry – A Bonding Experience

Before Brad and I were married, we both had to have our wisdom teeth surgically removed. And we both underwent sedative dentistry to do so.

My sedation didn’t end up being very deep since I kinda start to get all woozy when any needle comes near me.

But I’m pretty sure Brad’s sedation hit a home run! You see, I was his ride home that day. I read patiently in the comfortable, magazine-filled waiting room as an oral surgeon, and friend from church, performed Brad’s extractions.

I knew he would be a little sleepy and drugged up when he came out, so as soon as the door opened, I threw down my magazine and shot up, ready to help him: support his weight, grab his shoulders, pick up his numb jaw off the floor, whatever I needed to do. The helper I was created to be was in full gear and ready to go.

Or so I thought.

Out comes my future husband, looking extremely happy after his sedation ;). He smiles a big goofy grin at me… and blood pours out of his mouth!

I really thought I was tough. I really did! But at that point, there was going to be no hoisting my husband or helping him to the car. I turned white as a sheet and had to sit down myself. Thankfully, I recovered quickly, or we would have both needed a ride home!

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One thought on “Premarital Sedative Dentistry – A Bonding Experience

  1. Donna

    LOL!!! I actual would have been the same as you….I just about felt that way just reading this! I am not so good when it comes to any of this kind of “stuff”! But I did catch the point & in MY weakness HE is STRONG! Thanks!

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