Time to Hike Up Your Big Girl Panties

Time to Move On

Christmas came right before Samuel was born (which is so convenient, by the way!). I had several baby requests on my Christmas wish list.

One involved underwear. 😉

You see, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect after giving birth, but I knew that some… ahem… healing had to occur, so I asked for some “big girl panties” – as in: cotton, printed, armor-like shield-undies. (You’re welcome for that visual.)

My mom delivered for me (thanks mom!). But when I pulled them out of the gift box? I laughed! They looked gigantic! I thought, Hmmm, I may need a back up plan.

I didn’t.

I needed every cubic inch allotted by those granny panties in my post-partum world. But you’ll be glad to hear that I ditched those things the moment I knew I didn’t need them anymore – ha!

But the memory of those big girl panties is a good reminder to me. A reminder that sometimes what we’re given in our lives – a difficult situation, truth from Scripture, a cross to bear – is not what we wanted or imagined. But we still have to hike up our big girl panties and move on.

For some, this may mean saying goodbye to some hurtful feelings or painful memories.

For others, this may mean rejoicing in something that you did not want, recognizing that it’s God’s plan for you.

For many of us, this may mean taking Scripture at its word, rather than only clinging to the truths we like.

What does it mean for you today?

Original photo by aToy.

5 thoughts on “Time to Hike Up Your Big Girl Panties

  1. Bonita

    You get the award for my favorite visual of the day! Talk about knowing how to paint a picture with your words!

    Love the truth of this message especially since I’ve had to hike up my big girl panties a lot this week.

    God is really challenging me these days to know and act like His word is the truth, above and beyond my feelings, circumstances, or what I think I know about the word of God. I’m learning that a lot of what I thought was error and finding a lot of new truths in the process. Not easy, but so freeing and rewarding.

    Thanks for this awesome post, Stephanie!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      LOL thanks Bonita!!

      Thanks for sharing what God is teaching you this week – that’s awesome! But definitely a hard battle!

  2. MOM

    Oh so true! I have to tell myself to learn from my painful memories and put on my BIG girl panties (ha ha) and KNOW that God has always been there and has special plans for me, then, now and always…..

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