Use Dyeing Easter Eggs to Learn Memory Verses

I have such fond memories of dyeing Easter Eggs with my family. We did it every single year without fail. My brothers and I got to choose our dye colors and write our names or put stickers on the eggs. My mom always made a ton, and then she made a giant jar of pickled eggs and beets (which are delicious and I miss them!).

Last week, Samuel and I dyed eggs for the first time. He loved standing on the chair and watching, dipping his fingers in the dye every time I turned my back. He got a big kick out of the tablets dissolving in the vinegar because they’re super fizzy. We used one of the kits from Paas that has the dye tablets, cups, egg dipper, and magic crayon.

Oh yes, you remember the magic crayon. You get to write your name or whatever you want on the egg before it’s dyed, and like magic, that part of the egg isn’t dyed at all, revealing your secret message. Such fun!

I didn’t look up where Easter eggs and the Biblical Easter (celebrating Christ’s resurrection) intersect, so I just made up my own illustration. I told Samuel that eggs symbolize life, and we’re celebrating that Jesus rose from the dead – He’s alive! So we’re coloring eggs to celebrate!

We decided to focus our magic crayon messages on the gospel, too. For example, we wrote words on the eggs that were sort of color-coded to the Gospel Fuzzies song (this isn’t the exact rendition we use, but kids love this and Samuel knows what all the colors mean – at 2!). So the green egg says “Growing,” gold says, “Heaven,” and so on.

In the middle of dyeing eggs, I had the idea to use them when practicing our memory verses! Brad started teaching Samuel some Scripture – and it’s such a great idea, even at 2. Those little spongy minds can learn anything, and Samuel is into it. He loves anything having to do with “Bible verses,” as he says.

So on a couple of eggs, I wrote the Scripture references we have been working on. Later on, when he gets to choose an egg to “eat” (or just unpeel as the case may be), we have to say the memory verse first.

By the way, my eggs are brown eggs, so that’s why the colors turned out all vintage-y looking. Don’t they look fab!? I didn’t know if they would color at all. I feel so accidental-Martha-Stewart.

What fun ways are you incorporating the gospel into your Easter eggs, baskets, and candies? I need some more ideas!

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