Who Are Those Other Moms?

Do you ever feel like you’re that mom?

You know. The mom who has that kid?

Of course, I think my Samuel is absolutely awesome – but I definitely know that he’s not perfect. Not only does he reveal that about himself daily, but how I react to him reminds me of my own need for a savior.

But I digress.

Samuel is usually the most aggressive kid in the room. Yup, he’s that kid. He’s the one that loves to get in your kid’s bubble, and if your kid is in his space, then my kid is knocking him over. Sometimes he does this thinking your kid wants to play rough with him, too (he’s usually wrong about this!). But sometimes he does it just because he thinks hitting other kids is fun.

I mean, come on, one of his favorite games is “tackle.” Yeah. He enjoys taking the hits as much as he enjoys giving them.

I don’t consider myself a “helicopter mom,” but I have to follow Sammy around everywhere he goes. Otherwise, I hear another child’s cry and know that Sammy wanted to play with them. When another child gets close to him, I have to remind him to Be gentle. Say hi. Keep your hands to yourself.

It’s pretty exhausting sometimes.

And then there are the other moms. The ones who give us dirty looks – and I understand! If their kid was the bully, I think I would feel the exact same way!

Granted, there are some moms who get it. If I had to make a generalization, I would say they’re the stay-at-home moms and the moms with more than one child.

I know some of it is a phase and some of it is being a boy and some of it is being two-years old. But I’m going to be honest and say that I have to fight the temptation to roll my eyes along with the moms who stare.

Sometimes, I am that other mom. To my own son.

Instead, I pray that God gives me the courage to embrace him as he is. To lovingly lead him to obedience, but to also accept him for him.

6 thoughts on “Who Are Those Other Moms?

  1. Donna

    This takes me back to the days when I was a stay at home mommy & took other “working moms” children into my home to suppliment our income. Some days I wondered “why am doing this anyway”! LOL! I had all types of personalities & I’m not sure if it was because I had a son, but for some reason I mainly ended up babysitting boys! I have to agree, they were sometimes more of a challenge than the few girls that I had but respectfully their differances were minor. Boys do tend to be more rough, aggressive & ACTIVE! Girls in general will sit still for longer periods of time & seem to be satisfied with a smaller “territory. While boys seem to want to take up every space available, either by investigating, running their cars over it or just throwing something into it! But what was most insightful for me was how my child seemed to become more aggressive in his own “territory”. He basically was a shy child and actually struggled with that into his teen years, but if you would have seen him in his own home or yard with the other kids…you would have not thought that!He was an oly child so that in itself had it’s issues, but I thought this would be good for him to have playmates & learn sharing in his own home. What I did learn was it didn’t work like that. I quickly found out that boys do seem to have a “natural” instict to want to protect their “territory” & “belongings/toys”. While girls seemed to look for someone else to do this for them…hence more crying & whining, hurt feelings. I remember coming up with a solution to the problems I had been facing daily when I realized what was really happening….at least in his eyes. I spend one evening with him in “his” room and had him chose a handful of toys that were going to be the “special toys”. No one else was permitted to play with “those” unless he it was o.k. with him. Everything else was fair game to all who entered our home. He would keep them in a “special place” separate from the other toys. I had each child bring a “special toy” from their home & also one that all could play with. The rules were set in place & it honestly worked out…most days!LOL I actually miss those days more than ever now. Thanks for this article & hope this little insite might help other moms who might face some of these everyday challenges! God bless you all. Donna

    1. Stephanie Post author

      This was so helpful and insightful! Thank you for sharing. This part really helped and also made me laugh out loud! 🙂
      ” I quickly found out that boys do seem to have a “natural” instict to want to protect their “territory” & “belongings/toys”. While girls seemed to look for someone else to do this for them…hence more crying & whining,hurt feelings.”

  2. Jennifer Higgins

    Oh my how this post applies to me as well! I worry that God so did not know what He was doing when he gave me Isaiah. BUT I know He knows better than I do…I just have to remind myself of that…A LOT!!!

    Thanks for being an encouragement to me Stephanie!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Glad I’m not alone either haha!
      I truly love Samuel and think his frustrating traits will be his strengths later in life. Funnily, they’re alsp the things i love most about him, if that makes sense.

  3. MOM

    Stephanie, Samuel is so precious and he is loving too…..you are doing an awesome job as his mother and I couldn’t be more proud of both of you.

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