Four of Our Favorite God-Centered Bedtime Books

Kids love their bedtime routines, don’t they? They love stopping what they’re doing to get ready for bed. They are so cooperative when it comes to cleaning up their toys.

The teeth brushing turns into a toothbrush tug of war. No matter how hard you try, their dripping little wet bodies run, naked, around the house, circumventing the bedroom at all costs. Lotion and jammies are bribed onto that sweet, soft skin. And sigh…. finally, they get in bed for prayers and books and songs and cuddles.

Sound at all familiar?

Although getting those little beings into the bed is quite exhausting, those moments in bed before you leave the room are sweet, sweet times.

Aren’t they?

I was talking with some friends this weekend about some of our favorite books from Sandra Boynton and which books our kids are into right now. Samuel l.o.v.e.s books, and he’s starting to pick out his longer books for bedtime reading. Elmo, Disney, Pooh, you name it. He wants to read it.

I want to share with you a list of four of our favorite bedtime books that are also God-centered. If you’re looking for more books that illustrate Biblical concepts, you might check these out. They are on frequent rotation in our house.

Because I Love You by Max Lucado

Max Lucado authors this book about a caretaker and the children he loves. One of them, a curious boy named Paladin, decides to leave their land and seek truth outside of the caretaker’s protection.

Why we love this book: I’m so impressed how this book uses a simple story to illustrate the concept of free will. But it doesn’t stop there – the story is complete when it also illustrates God’s tender pursuit of us.

You Are Special by Max Lucado

Another Max Lucado book, You Are Special centers around a land of created wooden people called Wemmicks. One little Wemmick just doesn’t meet the standards that his fellow wooden people put on him, and he feels unloved and unimportant.

Why we love this book: Culturally relevant, this book shows our kids that what we see on the outside – how we look and what we can do – is not where our value comes from. Instead, our maker is who gives us identity and bestows value upon us, because we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Will God’s Mighty Warrior by Sheila Walsh

Will is your typical little boy; he loves to imagine he’s a mighty warrior, stronger and more heroic than anyone else. When he finds out that God has special armor and special swords with which to fight the battles in our hearts, he tries to find out how to be a warrior for God.

Why we love this book: This one just speaks to little boys! They want to hunt, fight, command, save, and generally be the hero. This book shows them how to align that desire with God’s will to slay temptation and protect their hearts from “the enemy’s evil tricks.”

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Why we love this book: If you haven’t seen this Bible for kids, you must check it out! Beautifully illustrated, rich with color, and dripping with the gospel in every story. Instead of just learning a story contained in the Bible, your child (and maybe yourself!) will learn how that story points to the meta-story of Scripture: God’s plan to redeem all people through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Truth be told, Brad and I read through the Jesus Storybook Bible before we even had kids. Yeah. It’s that good!

I myself would love to find more books that are engaging to children and also centered on the Lord. Do you have any suggestions? Share in the comments!!!

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