Giving Up on Ambition

This week, our Biblical Womanhood classes are finishing up – it’s been a long time coming, and I learned a TON. All great stuff, things I’m sure I’ll continue to keep learning for many years.

One of the culminations of our class is creating a Biblical Womanhood “plan”. Basically, we reflect on the course and where we are as women according to God’s design. Then we decide on some measurable goals that we can pursue with accountability.

Now, you know I’m not really a reflecter. This blog is one of my strongest tools for reflection, so you’re seeing me in all of my reflective glory. But by nature, I’m task-driven and prize-focused. I often don’t stop to think – I just do. When I see something I’m supposed to handle or need to change, I work on it.

If you’re a reflecter rather than a doer, maybe you’re thinking I wish I were like that. Because that’s what I think about you.

But just because I’m doing something doesn’t mean it’s actually productive towards a Godly goal. I might have started down a path thinking it was the right route for me, and somewhere along the way, I forgot why I started. But I can’t quit! That would be horrible! Heh.

That’s why us doers need reflection. It’s why creating this Biblical Womanhood plan was really good for me. An opportunity to sit and think about where God has me, and how I’ve been off the track of His will.

Then comes the hard part – deciding on concrete, objective ways to make changes! I can’t just say I want to respect my husband more. I have to figure out how that will really look. In what way can I show him respect on an ongoing basis? Etcetera.

Here’s the thing. When my plan was finished, I was pretty surprised. I wasn’t surprised that I wanted to strengthen my relationships with my husband and son in a Godly way. Or that I needed to determine how my spiritual gifts could be used practically.

I was surprised that there was not one goal on my list that had to do with work, ambition, or accomplishments.

Because I’m a doer, I’ve always had ambition – a drive to get somewhere with my work and my time. When I started working part-time instead of full-time, I picked up this hobby – a blog. And I have to say that for the year and a half-ish I’ve been blogging, I’ve tried really hard to do it the business-savvy way.

I attended conferences; I network on Twitter; I try to keep a solid writing schedule; I seek ways to monetize my writing; I’m writing my first ebook. And more.

But my blog and ebook did not make my goals list. Not even in a “this is a hobby and outlet and tool for me so I want to keep doing it” sort of way.

Never fear! I’m not quitting my blog, haha! I had you worried, all 35 of you, didn’t I!? 🙂

The fact that my social media pursuits did not make that list of goals just solidifed for me that I’m not here to “make it” – I’m here to learn and to grow and to do that with you.

That’s it. If those other pieces come easily and make sense, then I’m all over it. But I’m giving up on trying to hit a certain mark here.

I’m giving up on ambition so that I can be freed up to pursue the things God really put on my heart.

2 thoughts on “Giving Up on Ambition

  1. Mel

    Yes, I am working on that plan this week too!! I have been wrestliwng with SO much “heart work” this week it’s unreal. But I definitely relate with the blog ambition – it’s so easy to fall into the trap of ambition with anything we do as women because we want to do things well and are harder workers naturally, but often it comes at the expense of things that don’t urgently demand our time like our husbands, children – and for me, the house!! HA! I’m enjoying writing on my blog for the pure reflection and joy of it, and love not worrying about if it’s a “worthy post” or whether or not someone will find it interesting or not. Didn’t matter when I cared anyway, it was funny, the things I thought were the best written often flopped and spur of the moment random thoughts got the most response, HA!

    Glad you will still be writing though – love hearing your thoughts and getting little inspirations in my week!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      LOL that happens to me too Mel! The posts I spend polishing and perfecting – duds! Those I just crank out – people love them! Haha!

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