Pray for Your Husband

It’s long overdue, but I just wrote a prayer for my husband that I want to commit to praying daily.

Instead of just, “Lord, help him to do this, help him with that…” this is an intentional prayer.

I had to spend some time acknowledging his needs as I wrote it, which was a great reminder to me of where he is, what he struggles against, and what he might face in the future.

How to Pray for your husband

What do you think might happen if I pray this for him every day?


  • the enemy be thwarted?
  • my marriage be stronger than it’s ever been?
  • God answer these prayers?
  • my husband be empowered?
  • I fall more in love with him?

I believe all of that can happen and more.

And that’s why, even though I’m bad at praying consistently, I’m making the commitment.

Want to write your own prayer for your husband? Here are some things I had to think through when writing mine.

  • What are his idols? Those things that he covets more than God? Pray for your husband’s courage and strength in fighting his sin.
  • Your husband is intended to lead your family toward the Lord. Pray for that leadership.
  • What might lie in his future? What dreams does he have for work and for your family? Pray for his future.
  • God wants your husband to use his gifts to lead more people to Christ. Pray for your husband’s ministry to grow and be fruitful.
  • Pray for the Biblical Manhood tenants: Rejecting passivity; accepting responsibility; leading courageously; and looking forward to the greater reward, God’s reward.

If you prayed for your husband like this, what do you think might happen to YOU? Tell me in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Pray for Your Husband

  1. Ashley

    If I prayed for my husband like this, I think I would become more in tune with his needs and desires. I think I would better understand his struggles – and be able to rejoice with him more in his successes. I would focus less on myself and my daily struggles!

    Thanks for the guidance and the encouragement, Stephanie!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Yes, Ashley – I think you’re right! Hope this helps you have a plan to pray!

  2. Amanda

    I really needed this. I just found your site today and I’ve already been so encouraged! I became a pastor’s wife 6 weeks ago, and I feel like I am failing miserably sometimes. There definitely isn’t an instruction manual that comes with marrying a church planter. I find myself wanting to pray for him more and encourage him more, but many times my prayers end up sounding like “God, I don’t even know how to pray for him right now.” Thank you for helping me realize I’m not the only one that faces these spiritual speedbumps!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Amanda – thanks! I’m really glad you’re here! It is very challenging to be a PW, and it seems like it’s hardest at the beginning. I feel where you are!

  3. Nicola

    I am so grateful to find this site today. It is such a blessing. I am a new PW and I too feel as if I am failing right now. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this manner. I was feeling alone and its a relief to know that other PWs are or have experienced what I am experiencing. You have truly blessed me today.
    Thank You!

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