Razor Burn Can’t Stop This Man

There’s one cure for razor burn – the right razor! And check out this little red and blue number:

This is one of my absolute favorite things about being the mom of a boy – watching that little boy turn into a man.

It’s the cutest thing when Samuel runs to get his stool because daddy is shaving, and Sammy just has to get in on the action, too. He pulls right up alongside Brad, gets all lathered up, and shaves/eats the cream off of his face. (Now if only the fake shaving cream was intended for eating. I think I’ll just buy whipped cream when I run out.)

OK OK, so maybe that razor is fake, and he’s still learning the art of going to the potty (I have finally resolved for myself that being a boy mom means I will forever have pee all over the bathroom).

But he wants to be a strong man, just like his daddy. You can tell the instant Brad walks in the door home from work. Samuel is all of a sudden Mr. Aggressive – uh…. way moreso than usual – ahem. He either hides from daddy so that he can “scare” him, or he runs to him full throttle with all of his kicks and jabs and headbutts ready to go.

Yes, when daddy comes home, there’s an all out boy war in my foyer.

Doesn’t every little boy want to be strong enough to bring daddy down?

And of course, Brad eats it up. He cultivates Samuel’s manly spirit, while still trying to teach him how to use it, which can be tricky! For quite a while, Samuel would try to wrestle with me too. When he was a little man – think, not walking – I actually enjoyed it. It was fun to get rough and tumble with him. Now that I’m 8 months pregnant and he’s the strongest kid I know? Not so much!

Samuel has finally learned what daddy teaches him: that mommy is a flower. That mommy has to be treated gently. Now, that doesn’t mean Samuel doesn’t get rough with me, but when he does, it’s out of complete disobedience – not playfulness.

We as parents can only do so much to cultivate our kids, though. We can let our kids throw baseballs and softballs until their arms fall off. We can sign them up for every sport, dance, league, camp, etc. We can take them to church 5 times a week and make sure they’re in Awanas and Christian school and have only God-fearing books and movies.

But what about them seeing us love Jesus? When Samuel sees daddy sacrificing his “down time” to talk to his neighbors and help them out in small ways and pet their dogs, he’s seeing what a real man looks like.

No amount of wrestling in the world can teach a son about manhood. True manliness comes from

  • rejecting passivity
  • accepting responsibility
  • leading courageously
  • looking forward to the greater reward, God’s reward

And our sons need to see that, they can’t just hear about it. I wouldn’t expect Samuel to be able to build a fire by reading about it. I would expect him to pull up his stool right by his dad while he gathers the kindling and sets up the perfect pile for oxygen flow.

I’m so thankful today for a husband who embraces God’s design for manliness and lives it out, teaching our son right alongside him.

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4 thoughts on “Razor Burn Can’t Stop This Man

  1. Donna

    Great message! So true, boys are not born knowing what a “real man” is all about…they have to be taught by example.
    God bless you & your family.

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