The Importance of Goal Setting (Plus, a FREE printable!)

Some of you, like me, are die-hard goal setters and always have been. When you were 13, someone could have easily found you with a glittery pen and black construction paper, writing our your 5-year plan.

Some of you are just not goal setters. Goals are scary; too constrictive; too concrete.

But they work.

Usually, the goals you set do not end up being accomplished exactly as you thought or wrote out. But that doesn’t mean your goal-setting session was pointless! On the contrary! Goal setting:

  • makes you sit down and think about where you are in life, and where you think you should be – in a general sense.
  • forces you to take responsibility for the actions you’ve taken in the past.
  • presents an opportunity to predecide how you might want future plans to work out.
  • gets you on your knees.

You see, goal setting makes you realize how powerless you are to see some major things (future marriage, jobs, children) work out, and so you cry out to your Father instead of trying to make it all happen. You rely on Him to orient the desires of your heart.

A big, fat bonus to goal setting is that if you have a spouse or children, goal setting turns into a family event. This means you actually talk about things and get your dreams out in the open!

Honestly, sometimes goal setting with my husband is a time for tears. A time to see what burdens lay ahead of us. And sometimes, it’s a time of joy. A time to see what burdens God has blessed us with.

OK, so let’s say with such a short tirade, I’ve convinced you of the need to set goals. (Uh-huh!)

What kinds of goals should you set?

  • Try to consider goals in categories. We always include goals for finances, spiritual growth, and family needs. Those aren’t the only areas we cover, but those are always on there.
  • Keep your goals simple. Don’t write a paragraph of the details. Your goal should fit on 1-2 lines when written out.
  • Think short-term and long-term and even super long-term. Say 6 months, 1 year, and 2-5 years.
  • Limit the number of goals. Your entire goal list should be 1/2 – 1 pages. The first time you do this, it will be longer.
  • Let goals roll over. If you didn’t accomplish everything from your last goal list, consider which ones you want to axe, and which ones should make the new list.
  • Set goals every 6 months. You (and your family, if applicable) should sit down together about twice a year to do this. This is a great date night activity!
  • Praise the Lord for how your family has grown closer to Him, and pray for guidance on wisdom for the future.

So you say now you’re really digging this goal setting thing?

Great news: I created a simple, but powerful, goal template for you. This is the exact format that our family uses when we write out our goals. Nope – it’s not flashy. But it works!

How can you get this FREE goal sheet? All you have to do is be a subscriber of The Candid Pastor’s Wife. And you can subscribe by entering your email in this box:

Once you’re a subscriber, just look at the bottom of the post you get (in your email or reader). There will be a link to a Family Goals printable. Click on it to save or open the PDF file.

How often does your family set goals? Do you have any other great tips to offer us?

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