You Can Help Put an End to Bullying

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When I was in high school, I wanted to be different. At a time when most people are either trying to fit in or blend in, I wanted to stand out.

I needed some validation that I was valuable, unique, loved, special. And I tried to create that validation for myself by dressing weird, choosing my own style, bucking the trends, hanging out with the stoners, flinging myself at boys, and rejecting anything that said conform.

Do you think my peers gave me the validation I was looking for? Validation I could only get from a God who provides my identity?

Quite the opposite. Instead, I was ostracized, picked on, made fun of. I had mean girls saying nasty things as I walked by them in the halls and choice words were written about me on bathroom stalls.

I was bullied.

And bullying is serious. The bullying I experienced was emotional instead of physical, but it went deep to my core, telling me I was worthless, unlovable, unacceptable.

It wasn’t until I came face to face with grace – from a God who sought me out and showed me His love for me by giving me Jesus – that I was able to believe that there is nothing I can do to earn or lose favor with Him.

Those who are bullied are finally getting a voice, thanks to the documentary BULLY, in theaters now. There are students who are just trying to be invisible so they won’t be choked, punched, and then ignored by their teachers and administrators.

What can you do?

  1. Go watch this film. I haven’t seen it yet, and I’m eager to do so. Stefanie Brown from UpLIFTing Words wrote this review of the film.
  2. Help heal those who are being or have been bullied. Consider signing up or starting mentorship programs at your high school. Be there to teach kids that they have value because their Creator gave it to them. These kids need more loving, true voices in their lives.
  3. Teach your children how to love people. They will learn this by your words and your actions. If you’re always making fun of your neighbors behind their backs and never extend a welcome to that new guy in the back row, how are your kids going to see the love of Christ and share it with others?

Watch the trailer for Bully, showing in select theaters right now. Please make the effort to see this important film:

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2 thoughts on “You Can Help Put an End to Bullying

  1. Claire

    Wow. It’s crazy to think back to a younger you – I would have never pictured you as someone who was bullied. You’re beautiful, smart, funny, confident – it’s strange to think that you were ever picked on.

    Whenever you go see it, let me know. I really want to see this film!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thanks Claire! God is the healer and redeemer! Btw, love your pic!!! 🙂

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