Pursuit of Proverbs 31 (Guest Post)

I’m so pleased to have Amy Bayliss guest posting about her ebook Pursuit of Proverbs 31. Enjoy! ~Stephanie

It’s very difficult to know where we’re headed without something intentional to aim for. The foundation for all things must be our relationship with God, the Father. Our goals and plans must stem from there. We also should not hold too tight to them, but allow for some flexibility for life to happen and the Spirit to move.

I like a list. I like plans. I like specific instructions. I keep them all in my custom household notebook. I like to not have to have faith to know that what I am doing is right. There, I said it. I want something tangible (like said list) to show me I am doing the right thing. But sometimes I just get a check in my spirit about things. For years I followed a list of priorities. Everyday I would go through the same grind. Did I meet with God? Did I meet my husband’s needs? Next, did I take care of the kids?

Then, my husband would call me to bring him lunch at work and one of the kids would start vomiting all over the floor. Now what? Do I ignore our child’s illness and take care of my husband or do I care for my sick little one?
What if we saved money for a new front door but the body of Christ needs that exact amount for a mission’s trip? I feel led to give it but it doesn’t meet the criteria on my list. I guess that is why I have an issue with the “balance”
from this priorities list that I used to seek.


Yes, it’s important to have some direction and make some goals; but don’t be slave to them. Use them as a tool to keep you moving in the right direction.

If you’ve ever wanted to tear the 31st chapter of Proverbs out of your bible this book is for you.

She is a wife, mom, business owner, seamstress, she serves the needy, speaks life and wisdom, and seems to be quite the major overachiever, perfectionist type.

Except that…she’s not.

Come along and journey with Amy and take a look at the real woman of Proverbs 31. She isn’t as perfect as she seems. In fact, I think she is a lot like you and me.

If you want the Kindle version, get it here: Pursuit of Proverbs 31 for Kindle. You can also download the free Kindle app on your PC, iPad, iPhone, or many other devices.

For the downloadable, printable PDF version, get it here: Pursuit of Proverbs 31


Amy Bayliss

Amy is a small town Cajun girl living life in the big city. She and her husband Ryan have four children, all boys, ranging in age from toddler to teen! Amy is a full-time blogger and WP designer at My Southern Media. You can visit her at her personal blog, Cajun Joie de Vivre or you can follow her ramblings on Twitter and keep up with her mischief on Facebook.


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