God’s Word in a Heart Language

I had the opportunity as a Oneverse blogger to hear the story of Helen, a woman from Indonesia who does not have a full translation of the Bible in her first language.

Sure, she can read from the English and Indonesian Bibles, but neither of these languages are the one in her heart. The language with which she expresses her emotions, passions, dreams. The language she thinks in and uses to talk with her parents.

Maybe Helen is lucky. She can use the English and Indonesian Bibles to cobble together some head knowledge of what God says through His word. And the Holy Spirit works in her life to relay God’s word, too.

But when asked what it felt like to read the Bible in her mother tongue for the first time, Helen says, “It was AMAZING! I cried, laughed, rejoiced & understood very clearly what Jesus meant. I got the feeling, the emotions”

And some people aren’t blessed to have any language except for their first; that’s why I’m so grateful to be an advocate and a financial partner of Oneverse. My monthly offering provides one more verse in the heart language of the Vidunda people.

I smile when I think of them crying, laughing, rejoicing, and understanding that one verseĀ as Helen described. I have done the very same thing when reading God’s word for myself.

When I read that God wanted us to shine like stars, and that I could be a part of that, I remember feeling amazed and thinking – Wow, that’s what I’m supposed to do!

Would you share in the comments a realization you had through the Word? And how it made you feel?