Maternity Leave!

Well hello my lovely friends! At this point, baby Emma is due tomorrow, and I’m finally too exhausted to keep writing – I’m writing this in advance knowing I will just need to hit “Publish” later. 😉

I’ll be taking a little time off – for obvious reasons – but I don’t want to leave you without good reading material! I know it can be hard to sit and look through the archives in the categories at the top of this page, but that’s the best place to find the goods!

The most “full” category is probablly “Real Life” – if you hover over it, you’ll see several sub-categories to look through. They’re all sorted by newest first, so if you read regularly, you might click “Older Entries” a few times to get to some posts you may have never read – especially if you’re new!

Also, if you read this blog through Facebook or just by coming to the site, you might consider subscribing by email. That way, when I start writing again, you’ll get the first post delivered right to your inbox (subscribe by entering your email in the box below). Do what works for you! I’m just grateful that you’re here, sharing this journey with me.

2 thoughts on “Maternity Leave!

  1. Sharon O

    What no before picture?? only after ones with the baby?
    Rest up you are going to need it.

  2. ruth in NZ

    Thinking of you and praying for you. Such an exciting time for you all. Make the most of it together. Ruth

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