Breastfeeding-friendly Fall Fashion

For those of you who aren’t nursing moms – sorry! This is where I am right now, so this is what I’m sharing. Lucky you!

The great thing about nursing my second child is that I don’t have to deal with the nursing issues – latching issues, long feeding times, self-consciousness. All of that is long gone with baby #2 (yippee!).

And because I also have a 2-year old that must get out of the house for all of our sanity, I’ve nursed in public (with a cover) much more than I did with Samuel.

I figured out with baby #1 that the “nursing” shirts were totally not my thing. Those secret hidden panels were just way too much work to get to, so I just wear shirts that are loose, button-down… which usually translates to boring and frumpy!

So realizing that most of my baby weight is gone ;), I went on a mission last week. I wanted to find some cute fall fashion looks that I could also breastfeed in without taking off half of my clothing. I really wanted some dress/legging combinations, and I think mama did good!

What do you think? (And scroll below the pictures for tips on what to pick!)

1. This one would be great for a mild fall day:

nursing-friendly fall fashion
2. And this one would be great for a chilly fall day (plus, my little beneficiary is shown – how adorable is she!?):nursing-friendly fall fashion

Tips, notes, and why these outfits will work for a nursing mom who wants to rock it this fall:

Buttons or shirt access: With outfit 1, notice how the buttons go halfway down the torso. Undo the buttons under your cover, push the fabric to the side, and you have access to your nursing bra. With outfit 2, I was wearing a camisole underneath this shirt. To nurse, all I had to do was untuck the purple shirt and adjust the top of the cami to get to my nursing bra (or you can just unclip a cami-nursing-bra, whatever your pleasure. I found those didn’t work for me :)). The benefit of the camisole layer is that my post-pregnancy belly and back won’t be exposed to the world.

Loose fit: Fit is really important for an outfit to look good on you, but you just can’t nurse a baby with a fitted style. Outfit 1 is a light denim material and wears loosely, but the belt ties it together. The skirt on outfit 2 is tweed and has pleats (which I would never wear on principle… except that they totally worked!), so it can be worn loosely but still look great at the waist. And can I just say both of these outfits hide my muffin top like nobody’s business?

Cute without a bunch of layering and accessories: Now you know if these outfits were pinned on pinterest, there would be a scarf and necklace and sunglasses and a jacket, etc. But, every nursing mama knows you just can’t get away with all of those layers if you want to feed your baby in a timely fashion. I have to forego necklaces because Emma is often on my chest, and I know earrings will be gone as soon as she starts pulling. So pick something that looks cute without all of the “extras” – notice the boatneck top in outfit 2. This doesn’t leave a lot of bare neck screaming, Where did your necklace go!?

Doable with playtime: Because I also have my 2-year old, I can’t wear something that I can’t get on the ground and play in, but I totally could/would wear these to the park. The leggings are essential for that feeling of comfort and modesty. Now, if you know me for reals, you know I usually show up to the park in gym pants and a T-shirt. I’m hoping to not do that every time now that I have some more options. 🙂

I was so stoked to find some great pieces that will make me feel like a lady and allow me to feed my baby. (Btw, I found almost everything I’m wearing at the Gap Outlet for less than $150 total – including the boots!)

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  1. Brandi B.

    I love both of those outfits and would wear them…and I am not a nursing mommy…just a lady that loves style 🙂

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