New Year, Same Me

I finally got a chance to write my new year’s resolutions this morning. I guess I should say “goals” – I’m not really a resolution-type. I’m a goal setter, and I set goals all year long.

But the new year is a perfect time for goals. Everyone else is setting goals, so you have built in peer pressure, I mean, motivation. 😉 There are just certain times of the year that are natural times to reflect on where God has taken you and where He might want you to go next. New Year, new school year, anniversary, birthday, start of summer, etc.

My new year’s resolutions have nothing to do with eating a certain way or exercising or thriftiness or completing projects around the house (all things that I do enjoy).

Here’s why: I wrote my new year’s resolutions with this title.

What do I need to trust God for this year?

This included things like giving my children peace while I start serving the preschoolers at church every Sunday morning (as opposed to once a month). And starting a women’s discipleship group (how in the world will I find the time for that!?). And letting me be a part of introducing people to Jesus.

These are things he has been impressing on me. Things that I can’t do. I don’t control them nor can I even see a path to completion. I really need to trust Him. And trusting Him starts with me saying OK! I hear You! You’ve been prodding me about this – I can’t do it, but You can! I submit this year to YOU.

* Of course, y’all know I’m not judging your new year’s goals, right? I make all kinds of lifestyle goals. Often our lifestyle comes under submission to God in various ways. But I think we need to start with that idea in mind – what do I need to submit to Him?

How could you re-write your new year’s resolutions with this starting point?


2 thoughts on “New Year, Same Me

  1. Jane Sadek

    I’m with you – goals, not resolutions. And I’m more interested in what God wants from the coming year, than what I want. My vision is not as good as His.

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Always, Jane – always! And if I’m not in His word and conversing with Him, how will I know what that will be?

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