This Too … is Here Right Now … For a Reason

When dealing with mommy woes, one of the phrases I’ve heard most frequently quoted – offered as a comfort – is “This too shall pass.”

I assumed this was in the Bible. Um… it’s not. At least according to the Internet.

And I’m a little glad. And perturbed. And just kind of shocked.

As a mom of little ones (i.e., the ones who don’t sleep, can’t tell you what they want, throw fits, hit others, etc.), you don’t want to hear, “Just suck it up and pummel through because it’ll be over soon.” Do you?

I suppose sometimes we do have to simply endure as moms, such as those horrible 3-day growth spurts or teething days. UGH. Those are the worst, right?

But I’m not convinced that God just wants me to push through, in misery, begging for tomorrow. My husband and I get to contemplate this often with our little ones, and we keep coming back to the fact that God has us in the little moments, even the painful ones, for a purpose.

Our very purpose on this earth is to worship and glorify Him.

So how do we do that when we’re rocking the baby for an hour straight, or giving the 20th timeout of the day, or rehearsing yet another apology for hitting our friends? Where does His glory come in when you take a car ride just to get a nap out of your little one?

Honestly, I think those moments are just as pivotal as the biggies in our lives. The crossroads decisions. Because these little moments are what make up your life. It’s the non-weekend. It’s the grind. We have more hours of opportunities for faith in those windows than any other.

And when you’re in that bleary-eyed, can’t think straight moment, that’s when you have to release control to God. You have to rely on Him the most, saying “God, I can’t. But you can. You have chosen me for this moment for this child. This baby needs me to rock her again, so I will. This child needs me to answer the same question 10 times, so I will. I’m not going to abdicate this responsibility to someone or something else. I’m going to trust that this is for Your glory. I don’t need to go do that thing I was going to check off of my list today. I need to nurture this child and raise him up to have ample opportunity to choose Jesus.”

…or maybe I’m the only one who has these kinds of conversations with God? Haha!

God, help me to see that You have chosen me for these kids, especially for the tough times. Those are my training hours in the faith. I pray that not only will I grow in faith and submission to You, but that my children will somehow see that and desire to give their lives to You as well.

5 thoughts on “This Too … is Here Right Now … For a Reason

  1. Jane Sadek

    I don’t think God wants us to spend our lives just gutting it out, but there are times when that’s just what you have to do. When you wake up and realize you can’t remember when you weren’t just gutting it out, that’s when you need to get worried. I think the magic is to wake up every morning and remember the good parts you can be joyful about, before you put on your big girl pants and gut your way through the day.

  2. Mel

    Yes, like Jane pointed out – there will be a lot of those days where you just have to “make it”. Sick kids, no sleep, medical diagnosis you don’t know what to do with, disappointments. But I guess I equate “This too will pass”, with more of an eternal perspective. Everything is temporary and in light of eternity it’s a small blip on the screen. It may seem devastating or hard in the present moment, but when I think about God’s plans for my kids or me I know it’s all for the best and there’s something to be gained from the experience, if not just to comfort others. So I “grin and bear it” knowing there’s a reason – it’s not all for nothing.

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