How to Just “Let it Go” in Marriage

You know how you get into those “little fights” with your spouse? You know, the dumb ones.

You never listen to the radio station I like!

We haven’t seen my mom in 3 months!

You don’t load the dishwasher correctly! [Really ladies, who told us to say this!?]

Yeah. You know you’ve said it. Well, part of growing in marriage is growing in maturity (hopefully!). And as you mature, you learn that some things just aren’t worth fighting about.

So you try to let it go. But how do you know if you really have just “let it go”?

  • You don’t bring it up at the next fight.
  • It doesn’t fuel other ill feelings you have towards your mate.
  • You know how to laugh about it (Ha! That bowl is in there all cock-eyed. Ah well, we can run it through again.)
  • You forgot it happened. Truly.

Now, if you feel like you simply can’t do this – that you’re just not there yet – try this. Pick one of the “little things”. The next time it happens, I just want you to sit on it for a week. Just 7 days. Don’t do anything about it, and don’t bring it up. But anytime you think it is affecting your marriage – making your blood boil or just a huff and a puff – I want you to pray for your spouse.

Don’t pray that they will learn how to load the dishwasher. They won’t. Pray that they will have a heart for God. Pray that they will see tangibly how you love/respect them. Pray for discernment on how to serve them.

By day 7, I really think you forget that you were counting the days.

Obviously, there are some thing that are not  in the “let it go” category.

Things like

We haven’t had sex in a year!

You never listen to me!

Those are real problems that need addressed. Those are arteries. The dishwasher is just a tiny vein.