Words Are Important

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but to guys, words are really important.

The March Redbook magazine had a very interesting article where they chose things that husbands typically value, and then they pitted them against each other bracket style (a la March Madness).

Are you dying to know what the top two were?

1) Hearing you express that you enjoyed your intimate time together (ya know, in the bedroom).

2) Hearing “Thank You” when they help around the house.

OK so number 2 is pretty surprising right? Well, the real shock is that number 2 beat number 1 for their top value in marriage.


I mean, they didn’t even value the act of sex. They just want to hear that you liked it!

He wants to hear that you think he’s king! According to number 1 that is.

But apparently, they’re trying really really hard to do what you want them to do elsewhere. They’re marching around, marking off honey-dos, and they just want to know they pleased us.

He just wants to know you appreciate what he’s offering! That you don’t comment on how he did it or when.

This was a really good reminder to me that words matter to my husband. I can’t just expect things from him, ask him to read my mind, or even a list, and then just go to the next thing that I wish he’d do more.

It sounds like we need to nurture our relationship a little more rather than our to-do lists, huh ladies?

Perhaps we should practice more of number 1… ? 😉