Give Your Husband Some Freedom

What does your husband do for fun?

Can you answer that? Now, I know YOU are definitely the funnest person in his life.(right? You should be best friends!)

But what about when he’s not with you?

If you’ve been married for awhile, it’s likely your husband’s interests have changed. Have you kept up? Do you even know what he’s into?

If not, get on board with the program! Start asking questions about the things he mentions. Say YES when he invites you to something he likes. Truly enjoy seeing him take pleasure in his down time.

And maybe most importantly, let him go do those things with the guys, too!

How often does your husband get to go hang out with the guys?

To be honest, no matter what answer I give for that, my flesh wants to say he has enough. But that’s not true. I will always try to squeeze more of his time for me. It takes a conscious effort to not only “approve” of his plans but also encourage him and sometimes kick him out the door!

Please understand that there is a balance, and I know that some men choose to abdicate their family responsibilities for guy time – all the time. Those guys need to grow up. (Yeah I said it.)

I’m talking to you wives whose husbands are doing a decent job. They’re not perfect, but they’re trying. Show them that you respect them by releasing them into the wild (or to go play board games – whatever they’re into! To each his own!)

At the very lease, it communicates to him:

  • you are not his mama.
  • you trust what he does when you’re not with him
  • you are a big part of his fun
  • you enjoy sacrificing a little to let him get filled up
  • you approve of his masculinity – better yet, you think it’s hot!

And I bet that the more you give in this area, the more he will, too. So if you feel like you need some girl time, send him out for guy time, too! You both need it.

2 thoughts on “Give Your Husband Some Freedom

  1. Jane Sadek

    Great advice! I know more about commodity trading, options, puts and calls than I even have the slightest interest in, but that’s what charges Bill’s battery.

    What I hate is that it takes the equivalent of social dynamite to get him out of the house without me. If you figure out how to get husbands to have guys to hang with, let me know.

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Hmmm… great question Jane! I might put this question on the Facebook page today to see if we have some answers.

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