Team Umi Zoomi Fundraiser Birthday Party

I can’t believe it, but my son turned THREE years old this January! How did that happen? As a first-time parent, you know the first year is going to bring major changes. But from 2 to 3? He became a kid. No more baby. No more toddler. He’s now a full-fledged boy. I love him so much! What a blessing.

To celebrate, we held a fundraiser birthday party. We throw a huge shindig with great food and lots of fun, and in the invite, we simply ask people to consider bringing a donation instead of a gift. We choose to raise money for Children’s Relief International, which helps provide housing, schooling, and Christian education to orphans in Africa and India.

We only ask people to bring $5. Usually a gift costs more than that, right!? And many people bring more to donate! This year, we raised around $100! Do you know how far that goes in India? A lot farther than another basket full of toys!

Have you ever considered doing this? I’d love to hear how it went if you’ve held one!

And without further adieu, pictures of our Team Umi Zoomi party!

The Birthday Boy in his Team Umi Zoomi shirt and Geo shape belt!

My mom made the awesome cake of course!

Samuel was more than happy to eat it.

Buzz Lightyear made an appearance – we had SO much fun in this thing!

Emma slept almost the entire party. She always takes good naps when we have company – people must wear her out!

Some friends brought a dune buggy for us to ride in! Wow this was tons of fun.

Me and my favorite little man.

3 thoughts on “Team Umi Zoomi Fundraiser Birthday Party

  1. Jane Sadek

    What a marvelous idea! And so great that the little man is on board with it! If I was giving out parenting awards, you’d win. Love the cake BTW.

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Well, so far it’s all he really knows. We’ll see when his materialistic side kicks in! 😉

  2. Kelly B

    Love the idea so much that Ben will be fundraising a month from today at his party. mark it on your calendar!

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