Christmas Gift from the Kids – Free!

Need a fun and easy Christmas gift for the grandparents? Here ya go!

This is what we made this year (no peeking Grandma and Naunie!): Kiddo Snowmen!


I love how easy and cute this craft is. We simply dug out supplies we had: scrapbook paper, ribbon, pom poms, glitter, foam – you can use whatever you want!

I used a 2.5″ circle punch to make the snowmen body pieces and to cut out the kids’ heads. Lots of glue and fun, and voila – Christmas present.

Tips to make this craft great:

  • Use cardstock – All that gluing requires a sturdy surface.
  • Decide on the background – I think gluing Christmas wrapping paper on to the cardstock first would also be a fun way to start this craft!
  • Cut out your circles and overlay or stack them.
  • If your snowman craft will be generally flat, laminate the end result so the grandparents can keep it for years to come!
  • Let the kids do what they’re going to do. Emma really wanted to put a pink handprint on one of them. It wasn’t in the “design plan”, but I said Go for it! After all, the craft is from them.